This is Why You Should Invest in an Entryway Bench

This is Why You Should Invest in an Entryway Bench

Are you in the habit of dumping stuff, like keys, anywhere after walking in the door? Then you might want to consider investing in an entryway bench.

Your home’s entryway should be attractive. However, it usually ends up in a cluttered mess. With an entryway bench, you not only can add elegance to this part of your home but also help you stay organized.

Interior of bright hallway home. Hanging clothes on door
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That said, let’s look at some of the benefits you can draw from having an entryway bench:

Store Frequently Worn Shoes for Easy Access

A pile of shoes is one of the most common issues homeowners have to deal with in the entryway. With an entryway bench, you can be able to eliminate the shoe mess.

You can have family members keep their shoes below this piece of furniture to keep them out of the way and ensure easy access whenever needed.

Stylish hallway interior with large mirror and shoe rack
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Modern Urban Contemporary Scandinavian hallway interior design with beige walls, white doors and large mirror wardrobe.
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Comfy Seating While Putting on Shoes

You probably have shoes that you can’t simply slip on or off. So you need an entryway bench on which you can comfortably sit as you put on your shoes. This helps your daily routine run more smoothly.

 Simple entryway with wooden floor panels and shoe bench
Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek

Keep Your Outwear Neat and Organized

Some entryway benches come with mounted hooks that help to keep your coats and jackets organized, and easily accessible, in the entryway. You can even get a bench with personal lockers where each family member gets some space to keep their jacket or coat.

 Entryway with modern 3d wallpaper and ceiling lighting
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Additional Organization

Entryway benches are not limited to storing your shoes and keeping your coats organized. Some come with more shelves and drawers for storing other stuff you might want to access easily on your way outside. These include car keys and scarves. You can even store relatively large items, such as blankets, underneath the bench seat.

Another good thing about entryway benches is that they are normally easy to maintain. They are built to withstand various kinds of abuses and mishandle. Your children’s kicks as they take off their shoes can’t wear them out.

Shot of an elegant hall with a wooden storage unit for shoes
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Pretty entrance foyer with a wall clad in board and batten lined with an extra long built-in bench with storage drawers
Image Source: Iriana Shiyan

Final thoughts

There are many types of furniture designed to make your entryway more organized and inviting. But entryway bench is probably the most common type. While they are not really essential in most homes, entryway benches are a great addition to your home.

 Entryway with yellow walls and storage bench in white with colorful pillows.
Image Source: Iriana Shiyan

With this piece of furniture, your visitors will definitely feel more at home. Namely, they will have a special place they can leave their stuff, such as shoes, umbrellas, and coats, for easy access. You also will have a convenient space to keep things that you would want to grab quickly as you walk out of the house. So you should consider buying this bench if you don’t have one already.

There are many types available on the market to suit your specific needs. You can also research on how to construct your own DIY entryway bench in order to save some money.



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