Bring the Charm of English Cottage Style to Your Home

Bring the Charm of English Cottage Style to Your Home

Have you ever dreamt of living in a comfy cottage by the sea or in the mountains?

Then, you might want to consider giving your home an English cottage style appeal. This decor style dates back to over a century ago when an English cottage referred to a modest abode occupied by local farmers, craftsmen, herders, etc.

After long days of physical labor, these hardworking people wanted to retire to a home that offers a little more than comfort. And cottage style décor didn’t disappoint. The style combines rustic elements with pure comfort, resulting in a cozy, warm, charming environment.

Daybed with cushions in rustic home
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There are a few things you can do to give your home an English Cottage Style Makeover. In that light, we present you 6 tips to bring the English Cottage Style experience to your home. Let’s dive in.

Get the Color palette Right

The color scheme in English Cottage style revolves around nature. This ranges from various shades of green to earth brown. It may also include shades of autumn, rust, orange, and yellow.

You can also use the pinks and pale reds of English roses to ease the earthy color scheme. However, it is advisable to ensure the accents remain muted. You don’t want the fall colors to dominate your space.

Bright interior with flower decorated furniture
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Spacious cottage interior
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Choose Your Finishes Carefully

It is imperative that you pay attention to finishes in your furnishings. Namely, a rustic fireplace and exposed ceiling films would look great. But you may not achieve the same effect with highly polished modern-looking surfaces.

Likewise, an overstuffed and somewhat worn out leather chair would be a great addition to an English cottage style interior. If the upholstery is unpleasantly washed-out, consider hiding it with colorful floral slipcovers. That’s another element of English cottage style.

Cottage style living room
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The Kitchen Should be Largely Functional

In English Cottage style, the kitchen does not have to be a marvel of contemporary cooking. You should focus more on openness and practicality, and much less on sophistication.

Consider investing in a drop-leaf wooden table. This will come in hand for any kitchen activity. And it can be opened for multiple users. Basic kitchen stuff such as kettle, china tea-pots, and a pottery jug help to make the kitchen look complete.

Interior of newly refurbished English country cottage
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A Cozy Cottage Wouldn’t be Complete Without Books

When it comes to adding a collection of books to your Cottage Style home, you don’t have to invest in fancy built-in bookshelves.

Simply stack your benches and tables with great reads to be readily available to your guests. The floors can also hold some books.

While any books are okay, it is advisable to invest in leather-bound and worn-and-tattered titles. This is an excellent way to add richness and character to the empty surfaces.

Books above an old wooden drawer
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Dreamy English Country Home
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Let Every Room Burst With Accents

In an English Cottage décor, every room should virtually overflow with antiques, dried flowers, herbs, baskets, and a variety of textures and colors that reflect your personality.

Beautiful English cottage style room
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From the whitewashed ceiling to the vibrant, sturdy rugs covering the tile floors, this is a style founded on family and heritage. Window treatments should be simple and functional.

When it comes to finishing off the décor, consider blending old and new. You can use storage trunks as nightstands or end tables. And an English Cottage home is not complete without a collection of live plants, especially several hanging ferns.

Bright cottage interior
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Final thoughts

There is nothing more comfortable than to be enveloped in the warmth and charm of English Cottage Style interior. Cottage style decorating is an effective way to add warmth and comfort to your home. And it’s easy to bring the style to your home. Simply use earthy colors, invest in rustic finishes, focus on creating a functional kitchen, and you will be well on your way to creating an English cottage style home.  



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