An Edgy but Welcoming Metropolitan Loft in Moscow

An Edgy but Welcoming Metropolitan Loft in Moscow

A masterpiece of ONI Architects, this home in Moscow, Russia epitomizes a blend of modern styles. Its backdrop radiates an industrial feel. The linear contemporary style furnishings look luxurious and inviting.

Warm natural wood flooring, soft rug in the living lounge, teamed with sculptural, twinkling lighting create an edgy yet warm space. That’s not more.

Let’s take a tour of the home, and explore the luxury within.

Shall we start with the living area?

Stepping into the lounge, you are welcomed by fascinating aura, thanks to the warm colors. While slate grey wall adds a touch of darkness, the expansive dual aspect windows bring natural light into the space.

L-shaped modern sofa
Image Source: ONI Architects


Contemporary living room
Image Source: ONI Architects

Separating the living area from the dining space is an L-shaped modern sofa. On the sofa are tan throw cushions that complement the wood tone in the scheme. Likewise, the low-level coffee table matches the metal-framed relaxer chair.

The television is placed in a frame of symmetrical shelving. Above the shelving, an exposed duct runs the width of the room. Indoor plants, hanging from different levels, embellish the shelving display.

Before we explore the dining space, another striking element worth noting is the natural view.

Open plan lounge
Image Source: ONI Architects


Metal shelving unit
Image Source: ONI Architects

Dining Space

Hovering over the dining table are two contemporary-looking dining room pendant lights. The lights serve as the focal point of the space.

A sizable piece of art stands casually behind the dining table. It adds a touch of interest to the space. And what do we have in the kitchen?

Dining room pendant lights
Image Source: ONI Architects


Modern dining room
Image Source: ONI Architects

Kitchen Space

In the white and minimalistic kitchen, more planters adorn the extraction unit. The only thing that is of different style is an exposed wooden drawer unit.

An LED strip glows around the perimeter of the extractor. The light also shines over the wine glasses and the breakfast bar. .

White kitchen
Image Source: ONI Architects


Modern kitchen
Image Source: ONI Architects

Away from the kitchen, marble floor tiles radiate luxury in the entryway. In contrast, open wiring runs from ceiling to a sizable control panel

A console table foregrounds a huge mirror. A tan pouf rests below the table, while the mirror reflects a closet. The closet, which stands behind a black slated wall, has neatly arranged rails and shelves.

Home entryway
Image Source: ONI Architects


Closet in entryway across of a mirror
Image Source: ONI Architects

You haven’t seen enough elegance until you’ve seen the home office.

Home Office

The stylish home office space features walls with wood paneling. The wall opposite the desk holds a bank of white shelving with radiant built-in LED strip. A towering statement statue and a collection of reference books occupy the spaces in the shelving.

The space also has its share of hanging plants. A frameless fire design sits pretty beneath the lowermost shelf.

You can’t fail to notice the elaborate wall carvings print on one of the walls. The artwork accentuates the library feel of the room.

Home office interior
Image Source: ONI Architects
Home office with contemporary fireplace
Image Source: ONI Architects

Through the large window, you get an impressive view of the imposing city. The legs of the glass desk are virtually invisible. So, at first glance, you may think the beautiful desk chair sits behind a floating desktop. There’s a second chair for a visitor.

Other striking features in the home office are a unique table lamp and a small, comfy chaise lounge. You can take a break from work, grab a drink from the drinks table, and relax on the chaise lounge.

Comfy office chair
Image Source: ONI Architects


Small lounge
Image Source: ONI Architects

After a long day in the home office, you need to a restful night. That takes us to the bedroom.

The Bedroom

The bedroom features concrete accent walls coupled with a swath of wooden wall paneling. The result is a harmonious blend. Foregrounding the wooden section is Orb bedroom pendants lights.

The modern headboard features a tan hue. Planters hover right above the bedside unit. Standing between the bed space and the bathroom is a glass interior wall.

The closet remains open to the room, and the pitcher at the bedside is a functional accessory.

Modern bedroom
Image Source: ONI Architects


Bedroom pendant lights
Image Source: ONI Architects

Stepping into the bathroom, you are welcomed by marbled floor tiles. Other striking features include a double vanity unit and artistically ruined sink. Also worth noting are the unique faucets hidden within the black shelf under the mirror.

The bathroom looks spacious, thanks to the reflective surfaces. The wall-mounted WC and toilet paper holder helps to uphold the clean and streamlined nature of the floor.

Modern bathroom
Image Source: ONI Architects


Wall hung toilet
Image Source: ONI Architects



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