Some Valuable Ideas for Easter Decorations

Some Valuable Ideas for Easter Decorations

Easter is here already. And you need to take the necessary steps to have outstanding Easter decorations.

Whether you are having guests for an Easter brunch or event or simply want to give your home a seasonal look for the holidays, you might want to draw inspiration from these awesome Easter decoration ideas.

You can also tailor the ideas to fit your specific Easter decorations needs. Let’s dive in.

Wooden toy bunny with Easter egg on branch tree in home interior
Image Source: zaikina

Hanging Easter Egg Decorations

If you are looking for a striking Easter decoration, you can’t go wrong with a bundle of pastel Easter eggs. And how do you create them?

Simply wrap foam egg shapes with crepe paper. Then attach the ends with a small pin or glue. Add yellow or beige ribbon and secure it with small straight pins.

Be sure to leave a long end for tying. Collect your eggs at various lengths before tying them on a few small branches. Lastly, finish your decorating by putting the branches in a glass vase filled with colorful eggs.

 Easter eggs painted in pastel colors
Image Source: nd3000

Easter Table Decoration Ideas

There are several ways to dress your Easter table, which will give your guests the feeling of vibrancy and excitement associated with the holidays. Let’s look at a few ideas to get you inspired:

Add Interest With Home-grown Blossoms

One of the simplest Easter table decoration ideas is to use blossoms and branches from your own garden to add interest to the table.

For instance, you can use various shades of green and pink to enrich the springtime aura. While at it, introduce fresh greenery to add an element of surprise. Finish the gorgeous look with colored linen napkins.

Beautiful festive Easter table setting
Image Source: Africa Studio


Easter table decoration

Unconventional Centerpieces Create a Fabulous Look

You don’t have to dress the center of your Easter table with normal vases. You can use other items, such as bottles, cakes stands, pitchers, fruits vessels, and creamers instead. But how do you use them?

They are an excellent way to create a multi-leveled still-life display for the Easter table. The vessels would create a stunning unified look if they are of the same material and color palette. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use containers of different shapes and colors.

Easter decoration under glass dome,flowers and eggs on the table
Image Source: teressa

Add Organic Elements

Incorporating natural pieces into your Easter table decoration is an excellent way to add a subtle dash of color. It also enriches that fantastic feeling that comes with springtime.

These natural elements can also serve as placeholders. For instance, you can inscribe the names of your guests on the top leaves of green apples using gold ink.

When it comes to selecting the organic elements, height should be one of the main factors to consider. You need to add dimension and create a fascinating tablescape.

Beautiful Easter table setting with decorations
Image Source: Africa Studio

Recipe Card Holder

Add a touch of style to your Easter table with some rustic branches designed to display the names of your dishes. But how do you create the pieces?

Simply cut a thing silver in a small piece of wood. Place it atop wood round and add eggs and moss.

Use Gold Details

Add a touch of luxury and high-end living to your Easter brunch table with gold accents.

Away from Easter table decorations, let’s look at more Easter decoration ideas.

Beautiful decorated Easter table with sunlight

Easter Picture Display

Looking for an eye-catching way to display your family photos for the Easter holiday?

You can use cute Easter bunny stickers to display your family photos for a striking and creative Easter decoration. Just stick bunny mouths and ears on the glass front of your preferred photos.

If you can’t find the right sizes of stickers, construction paper and tape can still do a great job.

DIY Easter Baskets

You don’t have to strain your budget by going for expensive Easter baskets. You can personalize the following low-cost, homemade Easter baskets to your taste:

Easter eggs and decorations on table
Image Source: Africa Studio

Flowery Rain Boots Easter Basket

This is a nice way to recycle some of the household items that clutter your home. Spring-pattern rain boots make a beautiful hiding place for delicious Easter treats.

Here’s how to make a spring-pattern rain boot Easter basket:

  • Tuck a layer of Easter grass in the bottom of each rain boot.
  • Add candy, plastic eggs, and other little objects until you reach the top.
  • Tuck in more faux grass for a beautiful display
Rain boots Easter basket
Image Source: HGTV

Coiled Fabric Easter Baskets

With fabric strips, cord, and glue, you can make a gorgeous Easter basket. You can then fill your basket with candy and other sweet treats for an awesome, personalized Easter present.

Here’s how to craft a Coiled Fabric Easter basket:

Get a ¾ yard of colored print fabric, 4 yards of cotton piping cord, a hot-glue gun and glue sticks. A thread and needle can also work in the place of glue.

  • Cut the fabric into 16 by 1-inch wide strips.
  • Hot-glue the first strip to one end of the cord.
  • Wrap the strip around the cord at an angle until the cord is covered completely.
  • Coil the cord firmly around itself. Hot-glue as you go until you have 2 inches spiral.
  • Continue the spiral until you reach your preferred base size.
  • Stack the next base on top of the base. Glue as you go, until the basket is the desired height.
  • Add small handles crafted from the leftover fabric.
Coiled Fabric Easter Basket
Image Source: Pinterest

Colorful Button Easter Basket

You can give an existing wooden basket a whole new look with only a bag full of colorful buttons. Here’s the procedure:

  • Hot-glue various sizes, shapes, and colors of buttons onto your basket.
  • Tie a beautiful pink ribbon to the handle for a uniquely gorgeous holiday presentation.

Final thoughts

Easter decorations don’t have to be costly, complicated, and time-consuming. With a few small touches, you can spruce up your home and give it a fabulously festive look and feel. Try one of the above Easter decorations to make your home look attractive and refreshed for this holiday.



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