Dog Furniture Tips – How to Keep the Pet off Your Furniture

Dog Furniture Tips – How to Keep the Pet off Your Furniture

Does your dog always want to do everything that you do? If yes, you may want to invest in nice pieces of dog furniture. And while you’re at that, don’t be unjust and get a couple of tables for the birds that perch in your garden too.

Most dogs will want to tag along wherever you go in the house. When you cozy up on the sofa to catch some news on the TV, your four-legged friend will be right by your side.

It will even follow you into the bedroom and curl up befurniside your bed. This could be frustrating if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t want their dogs on their furniture. Who wants their furniture to always smell like dog?

But you don’t need to always push your dog away. There are ways to ensure that you all live happily without breaking each other’s heart. Besides investing in a nice decorative dog crate, you can also have other kinds of dog furniture in various areas of your home.

Let’s have a detailed look at this:

Living Room Dog Furniture

If you don’t want your dog to be sitting on the sofa, there are several solutions you can adopt. A simple solution is to place a towel on the sofa for your pet to sit on. However, this is not very effective as your dog may end up sitting in an area that is not covered with the towel.

Dog sitting on a couch
Image Source: demphoto

A more effective solution is to get your pet his own furniture. You can simply find a dog bed that you can place in the living room. You can even choose living room furniture for your dog.

In fact, there is a wide selection of dog furniture available in today’s animal-friendly market. So, you can always get something nice for your dog to rest on. You can even get pieces of dog furniture that matches the rest of your living room furniture.

Cute young Maltese sitting on his bed at home
Image Source: Monika Wisniewska


Dog sleeping in a dog bed
Image Source: Jörg Hüttenhölscher

Bedroom Dog Furniture

You may not want your dog on your bed, but that won’t stop him from being there. He will think if you are on the bed, he has every right to be as well.

Why not get him his own bed? You can even place a rug or mat near your bed for your dog to sleep on. As such, he will be near you, and hence feel secure.

Modern master bedroom interior with dog lying on bed
Image Source: Patryk Kosmider

Kitchen Dog Furniture

You have to be careful with your dog around areas where food is prepared or served. There are various pieces of dog furniture in such areas as kitchen and dining room. However, your pet shouldn’t be too comfortable in these areas.

It is advisable that your dog has his own mat as well as space for food and water. You shouldn’t put them too close to the breakfast table. You don’t want you dog begging thinking he is also entitled to what is on your plate.

When it comes to the dining room, it’s advisable to always have your dog out of sight. That’s the only way to ensure that your dog is not begging.

Dog Food
Image Source: Chodyra Mike


Golden retriever dog eating from metallic bowls in the kitchen

Final thoughts

If you have always allowed your dog on your furniture, it can be difficult to train them to be on dog furniture instead. This doesn’t mean that it is not possible. You may get angry in the process, but you will succeed eventually. Besides following the above tips, you also need to encourage your pet to do the right thing. Don’t forget to give him a pat on the back whenever he does.  




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