Dog Décor Ideas – How to Decorate for the Dogs

Dog Décor Ideas – How to Decorate for the Dogs

Do you love dogs but you don’t want to compromise your sense of style in order to accommodate them in your home?

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Besides investing in a decorative dog crate, there are several dog décor ideas you can adopt. With these ideas, you’ll be able to keep your dog as comfortable as possible while at the same time protecting the look and feel of your home.

Shall we look at the dog décor ideas?

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Choose Hard-wearing Floors

Want to keep your pet-occupied rooms in excellent condition? Then, you have to invest in hard-surface flooring. You can go for painted concrete, stone or ceramic tiles, or laminate flooring.

These floor options are normally stain-free. They are also easier to clean when compared to carpet. Moreover, pets with thick fur need cooler surface in hot weather. That’s another reason why such floors are a great choice.

It’s worth noting that tiles or polished planks can be slippery, especially for older dogs. Consider adding rubber mats or area rugs for the sake of safety.

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Avoid Decorating With Fragile Items

Pets and fragile items never mix.  One bat of dog’s tail can send your fragile collectibles to the floor, breaking them into pieces. According to one interior design expert, you should collect cast-iron doorstops if you have to collect something.

Cast-iron doorstops look awesome in a room, and your dog can’t damage them. Be sure to place them where your pet won’t trip over them. You can also display your fragile collectibles in a china cabinet with glass-panel doors.

As such, they will be visible but your dog can’t break them. Another awesome idea is to invest in framed photos, prints, and paintings. You’ll hang this framed art on the walls, where your dog can’t reach them.

Wooden cabinet with glass doors
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Use Paw-safe Fabrics

Another effective dog décor idea is to use easy-to-clean fabrics in your decorations. These include canvas, denim, sturdy synthetic options like Crypton. In fact, Crypton is effective in resisting stains, odor, germs, and moisture associated with owning dogs.

Microfiber fabrics such an ultrasuede not only look great; they also wear well. You can easily clean them with soap and water. You can also choose indoor-outdoor fabrics are they are resistant to moisture and most stains.

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Protect Walls with Paint

Pets can do various things to damage walls. For instance, they normally rub up against the walls as they walk by. A dog with jowls can spray your wall with drool by shaking its head.

Wallpapers are also not safe with dogs. So, it is advisable to paint your walls in attractive colors. Then, always have paper towels on hand to wipe away slime.

You should use semi-gloss-finish in rooms that get a lot of activity and moisture. Conversely, satin or eggshell finish paint make a stunning choice for living areas. If you prefer a matte finish, then a washable flat paint should be your best bet.

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Don’t Forget the Entryways

The entryways are another essential feature to consider when it comes to dog décor. Dogs like to roll around in the mud. Fortunately, some dogs can be trained to stop and use a dirt mat in the entryway.

As such, be sure that your home’s entryways are well protected. You can also line the walkways with mats. Then, force dogs to wipe whether they remember or not.

Entryway with a mat
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Final thoughts

We all love our dogs and want the best for them. We also understand that owning them comes with special considerations. The considerations include the way we decorate our homes. When it comes to home decorations, there are several conditions that you have to consider when you own a dog. You need to be sure your dog is as comfortable as possible while at the same time protecting the look and feel of your home. You can achieve that by following various dog décor ideas such as the ones outlined above.  



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