DIY Shiplap Wall:  Add Rustic Feel to Your Space in 3 Simple Steps

DIY Shiplap Wall:  Add Rustic Feel to Your Space in 3 Simple Steps

Looking to give your home that cozy feel of a rustic farmhouse? You can easily achieve that with a shiplap accent wall.  

Shiplap has lately become a popular choice for interior finishes. This is largely attributed to its rustic charm and subtle texture. Whether you opt to use real shiplap in your interior design project or fake the look by installing MDF boards to your drywall, it is a brilliant way to add some style and charm to any room.

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Wondering what shiplap is? This is a kind of wooden board that is normally used for building barns, sheds, and other rustic structures. Traditional shiplap features a groove cut into the top and bottom. This allows the pieces to fit together firmly, creating a tight bond. It also gives shiplap its characteristic look, with subtle horizontal reveals between the pieces.

Adding rustic charm to your home is quite easy and affordable with shiplap walls. You just need to follow a few instructions as outlined below:

Measure and Purchase Shiplap Materials

The first step is to measure your space. You need to know how many planks you will need for the project. Then, buy and store the planks in your house for not less than 10 days.

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This is to allow the materials to acclimatize to your indoor humidity levels. To make things easier, consider buying sheets of birch Sureply for your project. This material is lightweight and easy to cut. Most importantly, it is affordable and comes already primed and ready to paint.

If you want to achieve a more traditional look, consider buying and using square masonry nails. This will create the look of antique cut nails.

How to Install Shiplap

You can fasten shiplap sheets to your walls either vertically or horizontally. Just nail through drywall right into wall studs. If you’re installing shiplap on ceilings or on other surfaces in good condition, construction adhesive can also do a great job. You can finish-nail in places to keep the planks in place as the adhesive dries.

You should trim corners, floors, and ceilings with smaller 1 x 4-inch boards. Choices largely depend on your personal style and skill level. A compound miter will come in handy when piecing together planks and trim using a mix of miter joints, butt joints, and bevel joints.

If you’re running the shiplap vertically, you might need to install furring strips on at least 24-inch centers.

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Painting Your Shiplap Wall

Once you’re done installing your shiplap wall, you can paint or stain it to achieve the desired look. There are numerous color options that you can use. One of the most popular options is variants of cream and white.

White paint will make your space look fresh and airy. You can match it with formal or rustic style. While white is largely used in bathrooms and kitchens, you can use it in any room in which you want to create a brighter look.

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Alternatively, you can paint your shiplap gray. This will give your room a touch of uniqueness and make it pop. It is also worth noting that gray blends well with bright colors, such as orange and yellow since it is neutral.

Final thoughts

Shiplap has become one of the most popular home décor trends in recent years. It is incredibly easy to work with. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this should be a must-try project in your home. It effectively brightens up a room and delivers a whole load of rustic charm to your home. With the above simple steps, you will be well on your way to creating that warm, farmhouse feel in your home.



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