DIY Papasan Cushion: How to Make Comfortable Papasan Cushions

DIY Papasan Cushion: How to Make Comfortable Papasan Cushions

A papasan chair is round bowl-shaped chair made of rattan topped with round cushion. The papasan cushion is thick enough to be tremendously comfortable even if you sit in it for prolonged periods of time. The papasan is considered to be one of the best chairs for comfort and back support.

It can serve numerous purposes. You can use it for relaxing while watching a movie, reading a book, chatting with friends over a drink, or even working at home. However, finding the right papasan cushion can be a challenge.

Most of the papasan chair cushions available on the market are expensive. Moreover, many stores don’t have a wide variety, so it can be difficult get a papasan cushion that suits your needs. Fortunately, you can make your own papasan cushions, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast.

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Hence, whether you have a papasan chair with an aged cushion or stained cushion that needs replacement, or if you’re looking for a new cushion for a new chair, here’s an easy-to-follow guide to making an elegant DIY papasan cushion:

Step 1: Get the Materials Ready

Start by laying out the materials that you have to create your papasan chair cushion. The cushion should measure 46 inches in diameter. Therefore, be sure to purchase quality fabric in the right measurements. It is advisable to get a 3-yard long fabric, which is about 50-60 inches wide.

Fabric and sewing materials
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Step 2: Create a Paper Pattern

You need to make a circular paper pattern for your papasan cushion. How do you do this?

Simply tape tissue paper or newspaper together. Then, make a 50-inch diameter circle pattern. You should have a circle with a 2-inch edging all the way around.

Next, place your round pattern on the material, which is folded in half. Make sure the pattern is held in place. You can use pins or weighted objects to achieve this. Then, meticulously cut around the pattern edges to obtain two circles at once.


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Step 3: Sew the Two Pieces of Fabric

Place your fabric in a way that the right sides of the fabric pattern touch or face each other. The edges of the two round pieces should be even all the way around the circle. Then, with a 2-inch edge seam, sew your two pieces together. You should leave an opening of about 24 inches. It is advisable to use a sewing machine and stitch the seam at least two times for a strong seam.

Step 4: Stuff Your Papasan Cushion

Think about the type of stuffing you need in your papasan cushion. Remember, papasan cushions should be thick enough for good comfort and back support.

Consider using old pillows. Simply cut and sew them into wedges. You can also cut pieces of upholstery form into pieces of wedges. The wedge pieces should measure about 22 inches from the exterior edge to the wedge point.

Make enough of the wedge pieces to fit all the space around the circular area of the fabric you have just crafted.

Afterward, turn your sewn fabric right side outward before smoothing it out. Next, push the inner cushion wedge stuffing uniformly into the fabric circle. Lastly, hand-stitch the rest of the fabric opening to ensure the fabric circle’s edges are secure.

Stuffing and sewing a papasan cushion
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Final Thoughts

You don’t have to break a bank in order to have an elegant and comfortable cushion for your papasan chair. With some fabric and a few old pillows, you can make your own papasan cushion. Besides saving you loads of cash, DIY papasan cushions allow you to get something that perfectly meets your personal needs. Then, all you need is to follow the above step-by-instructions on how to make a papasan chair cushion.




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