5 Awesome DIY Ideas for 2018 New Year’s Eve Decorations

5 Awesome DIY Ideas for 2018 New Year’s Eve Decorations

Want to celebrate your New Year on a budget? You can start by adopting some DIY New Year’s Eve decorations we’re going to show you.

When you are hosting a party, there is no cheaper way to prepare with decorations and set the right mood than with DIY decorations. That said, here are some homemade New Year’s Eve decorations to add some extra glitter and sparkle to this New Year party.

New Year’s Eve Bottle Centerpiece

This is arguably one of the most stylish New Year’s Eve decorations you can make. First, you need to spray paint bottles. Afterwards, hot glue some sizable new year’s numbers onto the glasses. Lastly, add some glitter to complete the elegant look. You can even theme your bottle centerpiece to match your other New Year decorations.

Golden bottles and red roses
Image Source: monoliza

Resolution Journal

You can create a resolution journal for your guests using colored cardboard papers. Take a large piece of cardboard paper and fold it in half like a greeting card. Then, stick smaller pieces of paper inside lengthwise before stapling them together along the fold in the cover.

Lastly, decorate the cover of your booklet. You can use dry flowers or stickers to do that. You can even spice it up with a picture on each page.  Place your finished resolution journal strategically on a table.

Handmade notebook on soft blue background
Image Source: vanilla22

Noisemaker Bouquets

If you are looking for functional New Year’s Eve decorations, DIY noisemaker bouquets can be a great idea. In fact, you can’t talk about a great New Year’s Eve party without some noisemakers to blow at midnight.  And instead of setting your noisemakers on a table or handing them to guests, why not place fanciful noisemaker bouquets on tabletops during the party?


DIY noisemakers
Image Source: projectnursery


New Year noisemaker decoration
Image Source: projectnursery

How do you make those bouquets?

Get some beautiful, long, thin noisemakers. Be sure to choose different colors, sizes, and shapes. Then, mix and match to create celebratory centerpieces.

Fill some small vases, roughly a third of the way up, with beautiful stones or colored marbles. Arrange your noisemaker in the vases. At midnight, allow guests to pick their preferred noisemakers from your arrangements.

New Year Wreath

You can use colored cardboard papers to craft a nice decorative wreath. To begin with, choose any pattern of flowers that you like. Then, draw on your cardboard paper.

Make about 3 similar patterns before cutting them out meticulously. Then, attach each flower using a ribbon and place a designed paper with 2018 written on it in the center of the wreath.

New Year paper deoration
Image Source: ytimg

Black-eyed Pea Centerpiece

You’re certainly looking forward to 2018 that’s full of good fortune and prosperity. In light of the fact that Black-eyed peas signify good fortune for the coming year, why not use them to craft centerpieces that represent a prosperous 2018?

In fact, black-eyed peas can make a stunning centerpiece for your New Year Eve’s party table. So how do you make a black-eyed centerpiece for your New Year’s Eve decoration?

 Black eyed peas
Image Source: Chris leachman

Sprinkle pinecones and accords on a table with a glass bowl filled with raw black-eyed peas in the center. Then, snuggle a tea light on a small, upside-down votive holder in the glass bowl. The votive holder plays the integral role in ensuring a safe distance between the flame and the black-eyed peas.

Alternatively, you can set one or two small candle holders and candlesticks in your bowl of peas. Just be careful that your peas don’t get burned. You don’t want to ruin the New Year’s Eve fun by setting off the smoke detector.

Final thoughts

While you will be treated to numerous birthday parties in 2018, for friends and family, there is only one New Year’s Eve party you can have. This means that you have to make the most of it. The above DIY New Year’s Eve decorations will contribute to a fun and glamorous New Year’s Eve party.



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