Save Money with This DIY Bathroom Tiles Installation Guide

Save Money with This DIY Bathroom Tiles Installation Guide

Looking to breathe new life into your worn out bathroom floor? The best way is to install new bathroom tiles. We will show you how to do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

Sifting through numerous bathroom tile ideas to find the right tiles for your bathroom is not the only process that takes time. Some homeowners also take considerable time to just install bathroom tiles.

However, even if you don’t have tile installation experience, you can tile your bathroom in one or two days and end up with a beautiful, durable floor.

Bathroom closeup with tiles and ceramic sink
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All you need to do is gather these materials: a tape measure, a tile cutter, grout, a pencil, sandpaper, spreader, level, sponge, goggles, gloves, spacers, and your desired tiles.

Once you have everything ready, just follow these steps to properly install your bathroom tiles:

Prepare Your Bathroom Floor

Before you start to install your bathroom tiles, it is imperative that you check the area. Be sure to clean and dry the surface. You want to make sure that the bathroom tiles won’t come off when you install them. You will have to get rid of old tiles before starting.

Modern bathroom with double basin concrete wall and dark floor
Image Source: Angelo Sarnacchiaro

Make Sure You Have Enough Tiles

You should buy enough bathroom tiles to cover the entire space. This should include any half pieces, scrap pieces, as well as replacement tiles.

It is advisable to purchase the bathroom tiles all at once. Namely, those from a different stock may look different.

A set of tiles for floors and walls
Image Source: yosef19

Dry-Fitting the Bathroom Tiles

Set your bathroom tiles on the floor to grid out the space. You should start with the center of the bathroom floor. This is known as a Dry-Fit process. It is especially important if you are setting a pattern.

Be sure that your patterns end quite consistently around the edges. Satisfied with the tile placement?

If yes, then trace around the tile at the center to mark its position and decide on what cuts will be required. You should make marks on the surface floor as well as on the bathroom tiles where cuts are needed.

Bathroom renovation
Image Source: kange_one

Mixing the Mortar

Mix thin-set mortar to achieve the consistency of peanut butter. Then, using a notched trowel, spread the mortar directly onto the surface floor. You should start in the middle of the bathroom floor. The trowel should be held at a 45-degree angle.

It is imperative that you mix only as much thin-set mortar that you can apply within an hour. Otherwise, it would dry and not be very effective.

Applying mortar for tile installation
Image Source: oldmn

Setting the Bathroom Tiles

Starting with the center tile, set your tiles one by one into the spread mortar. You should give a wiggle to each tile to ensure a strong bond. Then, insert spacers to keep your tiles separated and give room for grout.

You should make any necessary cuts to ensure the best tile fit. Mark the cuts first with a pencil. Then, use a sandpaper to smooth out the edge of cut bathroom tiles.

Applying new tiles in bathroom
Image Source: whitestorm


Placing new tiles on wall
Image Source: gpmax

Allow Your Tiles to Dry

Once you’ve your tiles, allow them to cure for at least 12 hours. When it is completely dry, remove the spacers and finish your bathroom tiles with grout. You should allow sufficient dry time for the grout before you apply any grout sealer.

Done! You can now enjoy a new-look, beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom interior
Image Source: Insp.Clouseau

Final thoughts

Tiles are an integral feature in bathrooms. It is not just a basic part of the bathroom floors and walls, but also an important component of the overall bathroom design. However, it is not only the process of finding the right tiles that take time. It can also take you considerable time to install bathroom tiles with the wrong strategy. Fortunately, there is an way easy to do this, as outlined in this article. You just need to get the recommended tools and follow the steps diligently.



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