Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Refresh Your Dining Space with These Simple Ideas

Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Refresh Your Dining Space with These Simple Ideas

Want to breathe new life into your dining room but don’t know where to start? We’ll share with you some simple, but cool dining room decorating ideas to get you inspired.

There are countless dining room decorating ideas you can come up with. From dining tables, chairs, flooring, window treatments, lighting, to ceiling fans. The ideas don’t even have to be expensive to implement.

You can even use food as dining room decoration. For instance, a platter of fruit placed next to your tea service can look stunning. When it comes to implementing dining room ideas, be careful not to deviate too far from your kitchen décor.

Modern interior
Image Source: Victor Zastol’skiy

Namely, your dining space should be an extension of your kitchen. Both rooms need to have similar décor. Otherwise, your dining room and kitchen may appear as separate entities.

Having said that, let’s explore a few simple decorating ideas you can adopt for your dining room:

Use Your China

Do you have a pretty set of china stored away somewhere in your house? It would be nice if you put it on display for everyone to see. This is an excellent way to use an item that you already have to adorn your dining space.

Interior of modern dining room
Image Source: zhu difeng


Interior of modern dining room with artistic wall
Image Source: zhu difeng

Consider displaying the china in a china cabinet, on a wall-mounted shelf, or in an armoire. You can also use China settings to set your dining table. This is a cool way to give your table a somewhat finished look.

Add Natural Elements

Bring the outdoors to your dining space with houseplants. It is advisable to use succulents. Besides being easy to care for, they also ensure that you have a great centerpiece year-around.

If you own a sizable wicker basket, consider filling it up with various items from nature. These may include leaves, flowers, stones, and fruits. Once you’ve meticulously arranged the items in the basket, place it on the dining room table as a seasonal centerpiece.

View of dining table with wooden top and metal chairs
Image Source: Iriana Shiyan

Add Slipcovers

If you no longer like the look of your upholstered dining chairs, there is a simple and inexpensive solution to that.  Simply add slipcovers to the chairs. To add a touch of sophistication, you can have the slipcovers designed with your monogram.

 Modern dining room with table and hardwood floor
Image Source: Alexandre Zveiger

Be Creative

Pieces of artwork also make a great dining room decoration. However, pieces of artwork are one of the most expensive décor items. So, why not be creative and make your own artwork?

You don’t have to be very good at drawing or painting; you can just create a simple piece of art to hang on the wall. Get some inexpensive picture frames and fabric that blends with the style of your dining area.  Then, place the fabric tightly over the frame before stapling it in place to the back.

The result will be a cool piece of art to hang on the wall. You can hang several different sizes and fabric patterns in a collage to create an awesome backdrop.

Interior of modern kitchen with blue and white facades
Image Source: richman21

Don’t Forget Lighting

Lighting plays a great role in creating the desired look and feel of a room. Therefore, you should not overlook its contribution when considering dining room decorating ideas. One or two tastefully shaded lamps, for instance, can look very pretty when casting a warm glow next to your dining table.

If your budget allows, you can also invest in a chandelier with tiny bulbs. Centered right over the dining table, the chandelier will cast a magnificent light on everything.

Consider putting a sizable mirror on one of the dining room walls. This will not only make the room look more spacious, but it will also add a dramatic effect.

 Beautiful sunny kitchen and dining room
Image Source: Acik


Modern dining room
Image Source: det-anan sunonethong

Final thoughts

Decorating your dining room to give it a fresh look doesn’t have to be a complicated task. You don’t have to change everything in the room. There are simple dining room decorating ideas that you can implement to give your space the much-desired fresh and unique appearance. You can draw inspiration from the cool ideas of decoration that we’ve shared above to breathe new life into your dining space.




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