Tips to Use Decorative Vases as Centerpieces for Your Home or Office

Tips to Use Decorative Vases as Centerpieces for Your Home or Office

While vases have been around for centuries, they are still pleasantly cool when used as decorative pieces. And besides being used to hold flowers, decorative vases are today also used as standalone decorative elements.

One of the remarkable things about decorative vases is that they bring life into a space. If you can find an arrangement of decorative vases that is striking even without flowers, then it will be a positive addition to the room’s aura.

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In this article, we share with you some valuable tips on using decorative vases as attention-grabbing centerpieces. These centerpieces can blend in well with any décor style, including industrial décor, rustic décor, and contemporary décor.

Let’s dive in.

Consider Size, Shape, Color

When it comes to using decorative vases as a centerpiece, there are three main factors to consider:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
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In addition to the three, you should also consider the type of decorative vase you want to use. We have wooden decorative vases, glass decorative vases, metal decorative vases, and ceramic decorative vases.

Something else you need to keep in mind is the overall theme of your room. You want your preferred vase to blend in well with its surroundings.

Find the Right Flowers

Different vases work best with different types of flowers. You should go for flowers that work best with the size of your vase. If your vase has a large opening and narrow base, for instance, you should go for flowers with large petals such as lilies.

Conversely, if you have a narrow vase, single-stemmed flowers such as roses would be a perfect choice for you.

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Use another Vase as Accent

Consider adding an accent to your decorative vase décor. One of the best ways to do this is to place another vase beside the main vase. However, the accent vase should not be filled with flowers.

You can fill it with other decorative items instead. These could be old coins, dried leaves, colorful buttons, ferns, colorful stones, seashells, marbles, etc.

Be sure the decorative pieces you choose will look attractive and artistic inside a transparent decorative vase.

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Final thoughts

Vases are attention-grabbing pieces that are about more than just flowers. And decorative vases can be pretty and fascinating accessories in their own right. In fact, there are hundreds of creative ways to use these vases to add interest to your home.

If you want to create a modern look, for instance, simply line up several vases of the same size and shape. Likewise, arranging vases with candles will add to the ambiance of your romantic themed bedroom. And if you want to use your decorative vases as centerpieces, keep the above tips in mind.



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