How to Choose Decorative Dog Crate – Pamper Your Pet in Style

How to Choose Decorative Dog Crate – Pamper Your Pet in Style

Who doesn’t love their pets? As the most loyal friends, pets deserve to be pampered with lots of love and affection. And there’s no better way to love your dog than by getting it a high-quality decorative dog crate.

With a good decorative dog crate, your pet will have a nice place to rest. You’ll also be able to travel in style. A perfect alternative to the ordinary wire crates, decorative crates come in a wide range of styles to match your needs as well as well your home décor.

Before you invest in a decorative dog crate, be sure your pet is kennel trained. Otherwise your crate, no matter how tough it could be, will end up getting damaged. It won’t survive the constant scratching and scraping.

That said, let’s look at the essential factors you should consider when shopping for a decorative dog crate:

Crate Size

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a decorative dog crate. It is imperative that your preferred crate is big enough for your dog. The crate should allow your pet to stand to its full height.

Dogs in a crate in living room
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Your dog should also be able to turnabout and stretch out comfortably. He doesn’t have to curl up in order to fit in the crate. Nonetheless, the crate should be so big that he plays on one side and rests on the other.

Looking for a decorative dog crate for a puppy? Then, consider choosing a crate that has adjustable panels. The crate will grow along with your dog.

Construction Material

Decorative dog crates are made from a variety of materials. So, you need to choose a material that suits your needs the best:

  • Plastic Dog Crates are normally made of a hard-wearing poly-blend with a chrome-plated steel bar door. These crates have ventilated side panels and a leak-proof bottom. Plastic decorative dog plates offer great privacy. They are perfect for airline travel.
Designer dog crate
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  • Travel dogs crates offer unmatched strength and durability. Some of their most remarkable features include heavy-duty construction, exceptional ventilation, and great visibility. If you plan to fly or drive with your dog, travel creates should be your best choice. They are also normally used for kennel training.
Open pet carrier
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  • Wire decorative dog crates are arguably the best in terms of ventilation, portability, and security. There are models that fold down to a convenient size, allowing for easy storage. Wire crates are easy to clean, thanks to their maximized open space.
Happy labrador lies in an iron box
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Comfort Level

It is imperative that you choose a decorative dog crate that is welcoming and comfortable. Place it in the family room and dress it in a soft crate pad, a cozy bed, or a soft blanket. You can also add a crate cover for some extra security. Your pet will also be happy with a new toy in his crate.

White dog crate in living room
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Final thoughts

Getting a crate could be the most expensive thing you can buy your dog. As such, it should be a haven for him. Dog crates normally come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and prices. Nonetheless, be sure the crate you get your pet can stand the test of time. Whether you are buying the ordinary wire crate or a sophisticated decorative dog crate, you should never forget that it needs to be durable, secure, comfortable, and of the right size.



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