3 Valuable Tips for Designing and Decorating Open Floor Plans

3 Valuable Tips for Designing and Decorating Open Floor Plans

Today, many homes are designed with the more-casual open floor plans. Open floors, according to this Dallas Paving Contractor, give a pleasant feeling and make your living space look and feel larger. It is quite easy to fall in love with an open floor plan. It presents you endless opportunities when it comes to decorating and furnishing the space.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that open floor plans are easy to decorate. In fact, it can be pretty challenging to find the right décor and accessories, the appropriate paint colours, as well as the right furniture to blend the spaces.

In the light of that, we present you 3 valuable tips to help you design and decorate the open floor plans in your home.

Consider the Function of the Space

Before you embark on furnishing and decorating your open floor, you should take the time to think about how you intend to utilize the space. If you want it to be a dining area, for instance, you will certainly want to buy a dining table and chairs.


Modern living room open to a dining area
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Modern living room with open kitchen
Image source: Biker3


If your open plan is extremely spacious, you can consider designating separate areas for dining, TV viewing, lounging, etc.

You should capitalize on the columns, walls, and floor variations to determine various space functions. For instance, if you have a wall that sticks out, you can use it to divide the space up into two areas. Likewise, you can use the dividing line from a wooden to tiled floor as a natural demarcation line between spaces.  


Modern house in beige with living room and dining area combined
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It is imperative that you take technology and electric sources into consideration when planning the function of various space in open plan floors. Namely, the placement of electric outlets, phone lines, as well as cable and internet connections will determine where to locate your lamps, workstation, and media area.


Incorporate Accent Colors

Open floor plans normally require that you use a single wall color. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include accent colors in the space. You can use a neutral base color on the walls, and then choose home accessories for every area in a different shade.


Bright open plan apartment interior in modern design
Image source: Photographee.eu

For instance, you can choose light gray hue as the base color for the space. In this case, you can choose red for the dining area accessories, turquoise for the kitchen accessories, and yellow for the living space accessories.

Using a single wall color creates a harmonious look. Likewise, using different colored home accessories helps you define the various spaces in your open floor.


Open Floor Plans Need Plenty of Light

You should realize that larger open floor plans need more light when compared to conventional layouts. There is a lighting formula you can use to find out how much light you need for your open floor. The formula multiplies the room’s square footage against the wattage (1.5).

If your open floor is 20 by 20, for instance, that is 400 square feet. This translates to 600 watts when multiplied by wattage. What does that mean?

You should have 600 watts to light your space. You should view your lighting fixtures as additional accessories to complete the space. It is advisable to go for lamps, ceiling fixtures, and other stuff that help complement your home décor theme.


Beautiful kitchen interior with view of living room
Image source: bmak


Final Thoughts

Today’s living spaces are increasingly moving toward the more-casual open floor plans as they present boundless opportunities when it comes to decorating and furnishing. An open floor plan gives you the freedom to create distinct spaces and section off comfy corners. It also allows you to merge what would otherwise be separate rooms, such as your dining room and your office, into one large versatile space. However, it can be difficult decorate open floors, so the above tips can get you started.



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