How to Create A Fun Look Around A Round Bed

How to Create A Fun Look Around A Round Bed

A round bed can be a great choice for those who are looking to have a bedroom that is far beyond the ordinary. It is an elegant alternative to a conventional bed. This bed can make a unique statement in any bedroom.

These beds are not only stylish; they are also comfortable and hard-wearing. Made from a variety of materials, round beds come in a wide range of colors. So, you can easily get a round bed that blends well will the décor, as well as the other furniture pieces, in your bedroom.

Moreover, some round beds have a folding capability. Namely, you can convert them into modern sofas, thereby saving space in your home. You can create some fascinating looks when decorating the space around the bed.

In that light, let’s look at some ideas for decorating a bedroom with a round bed.

Eclectic Décor Design

If you love blending furnishings and accents from a variety of styles, then eclectic is your ideal bedroom décor style. Eclectic style is one of the best ways to resolve the issue of decorating the space around round beds.

You can get extremely creative with an eclectic palette with shapes, colors, patterns, styles, and textures. Keep in mind that numerous décor options don’t blend well with a round bed. Therefore, the eclectic style would be a perfect choice for decorating around any piece of furniture with an odd shape.


Round bed
Eclectic style, round bed | Image Source: Mihalis A/

Vintage Theme

In light of the fact that a round bed is something beyond usual, you can get some space to play with the décor in the rest of the bedroom. Consider going for some antique or decorative pieces, such as outdated advertisements posters and framed art from the past years.

The vintage theme presents you a great opportunity to frame old family photos and create collages of nature photographs. Namely, you can go for anything unusual to blend in with your unusual round bed. You can harmonize the look with bedding, window furnishings, and throw pillows that blend in with the decorative stuff you’ve chosen for the bedroom.

round bed
Vintage round bed | Image Source:

Retro Style for Round Bed Décor

If you love retro style, a round bed is definitely welcome in your bedroom. Consider upholstering your bed with some fascinating retro pattern. You can as well incorporate the commonly used colors such as yellow, blue, and brown. You can also add some mirrors or old radios to get the best retro effect.

The retro style is a very popular trend among teenagers and adults. So, it can be a fun addition to a home, especially in a teenager’s bedroom. There are numerous things you can add to the retro style, including throwback furniture and lava lamps.

round bed
Master Bedroom Design Ideas For Small Spaces, 2018 | Image Source:

Contemporary Theme

If you are looking to have a modern theme around your round bed, geometric shapes can be a great theme for your bedroom. Be sure that bedding and curtains have similar shapes. However, you can unify your bedroom around a given shape or color. This helps to bring harmony to your décor.

Consider using the geometric theme as a foundation and then harmonize concentric circles around your bed. This helps promote cohesiveness. For instance, if you add a second unifying element, such as texture or color, you will be able to give your bedroom a perfectly designed look, which resonates with the shape of the bed, as well as accents and décor in the room.

round bed
Modern luxury round bed with black leather and grey and white decor | Image Source: XtravaganT/

 The bottom line

If you dream to spend your night in a classy bedroom, then you need to include a round bed in the overall design. This bed will transform your room into a unique and lavish space. To effectively achieve the lavishness, however, you will need to utilize the space around your bed wisely. With this article, you’ll find everything easy to do.



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