How to Make Your Own Cool Shower Curtains

How to Make Your Own Cool Shower Curtains

Sick of flipping through online stores looking for cool shower curtains, all of which seem to look the same? Or maybe you want great-looking shower curtains, but you are limited by budget?

Don’t worry, we have an effective solution for you. Cool shower curtains don’t have to be expensive or hard to find. With a few materials and some easy-to-follow instructions, you can make your own cool shower curtains at home.

In this article, you will learn how to make cool DIY shower curtains in 5 simple steps. Then, you will be able to greatly transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Let’s get to it.

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Choose The Right Fabric

The first step to creating cool shower curtains is to choose the right fabric. The fabric should be resistant to moisture. Polyester, vinyl, or a polyester-cotton blend are great for making cool shower curtains.

A standard shower measures 72 inches by 72 inches. A stall shower curtain, on the other hand, measures 50 inches by 78 inches. However, it is difficult to get a fabric in a 72-inch width. So, what’s the easiest thing to do?

Simply put together two panels. You may choose to use a print. In that case, be sure to match up your pattern at the seam.

If you are very tight on budget, you don’t need to buy new fabric. You can use what you already own that’s just the right shape. A curtain panel from your previous apartment or a lightweight rug you no longer use can also make cool shower curtains.

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Finish the Fabric Edges

Once you’ve found the right fabric, it is time to hem it so it can fit your shower’s opening. How do you go about this?

Fold the top down four inches. Then iron flat. Fold your fabric over another four inches before ironing flat again.

If you chose a lightweight fabric, consider applying a strip of interfacing to the top edge. This is to ensure its stability and support the weight of the curtain.

Hold your fabric in place with pins after ironing. Then sew it so the folds stay in place. Do the same for the bottom. Use the same procedure to hem the sides. However, the sides should be turned in 2 inches instead of 4.

If you can’t sew, ask your tailor to do it for you. You don’t want to mess up anything.

Shorten curtains with iron and tape
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Create The Button Holes

Your shower curtain requires a couple of holes for the curtain rings. How do you create these?

Lay your fabric flat on the floor. Next, lay a shower curtain liner on top of it. With safety pins, mark where the buttonholes should go.

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Then gently jab the point of the shower curtain rings through the fabric. Alternatively, you can snip small openings using scissors.

Done! That’s how easy it is to make your own cool shower curtains. Hang your finished curtain up and marvel at your creativity.

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Interior design of a spacious bathroom.
Image Source: ppa5

Final thoughts

Everyone knows that cool shower curtains can be very expensive, especially if you prefer the designer types. Nonetheless, with some creativity, and an eye for detail, you can make your own eye-catching shower curtains. You can draw inspiration from this article and create some cool shower curtains to add a little more sparkle and pizzazz to your bathroom décor.



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