Cool New Year Decoration Ideas to Complete Your 2018 New Year Celebration

Cool New Year Decoration Ideas to Complete Your 2018 New Year Celebration

New Year decorations can be exciting, and can provide your guests with a foolproof conversation starter. Moreover, the right decoration makes your New Year party feel complete. You don’t even have to break a bank; there are many cool New Year decoration ideas that are quite cheap and easy to implement.

Let’s look at some of the most exciting New Year decoration ideas you can adopt for this New Year celebrations.

Create Stylish Centerpieces with Ice Buckets

With a New Year’s tiara, a bottle of sparkling wine, and a couple of beads arranged in a silvery ice bucket, you can create a classy centerpiece. How do you do that?

Drape your beads from the bottle’s neck for an elegant touch. Then, serve the Blanc de Blancs in gold flutes to make your guests feel special.

Two champagne glasses, cooler and gift.
Image Source: diamant24

Make a Tinsel New Year’s Number Banner

If you’re looking for New Year decoration ideas that will help add some touch of drama to your party, you can’t go wrong with this number banner. It is made from leftover holiday tinsel. So, how do you make it?

Simply design a fanciful New Year number and print it onto card stock. Then, cut out your numbers and punch two tiny holes at the top of each number before stringing them onto a 2-yard long ribbon. Using a hot-glue, attach a length of tinsel garland to each numerical and snip ends. Lastly, hang your banner with thumbtacks.

Figures 2018 lined with tinsel.
Image Source: vulkanov

Decorate Your Table for New Year

Food and drinks are an integral component of any party, and you need to decorate your table for the occasion. You cannot run out of New Year decoration ideas when it comes to decorating your New Year party’s table. For instance, you can dress your table with a black tablecloth.

Then, fill some crystal candleholders with silver or white candles before grouping them on a silver tray to make a centerpiece. Another awesome idea is to use upside-down wine glasses. Then, use silver placemats, gold flatware, and white plates for each place setting. This will help create contrast with the black.

Take black napkins and wrap them in pearls, silver bead garland. Then place flowers in front of the napkins. Be sure to place a napkin in the center of each plate.

New Year table setting
Image Source: victoria


Table decoration
Image Source: Marinaks

Hanging Star Garland

Hanging star garland is one of the top modern New Year decoration ideas with a sparkling spin. But how can you create it?

Take a tinfoil or scrapbook paper and craft a multi-dimensional garland. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, festive New Year decoration idea, then this is it!

Silver tinsel garland, white christmas tree and decorative stars
Image Source: vasanty

Make a Statement with the Walls

Wall decorations can be an effective conversation starter for a New Year party. One of the coolest New Year decoration ideas, in this case, is to create a photo montage. Simply put black and white photos of your guests on the wall.

You should arrange the pictures in the shape of 2018 and attach them using putty. You want to have an easy time taking them down when the party ends. Consider hanging classic black and white pictures and bead garland wreaths on the other walls.

Black and white pictures
Image Source: Halfpoint

Craft Dazzling Centerpiece with Bottles

Crafting centerpiece using old glass bottles is another easy, low-cost New Year decorating idea. Wash the bottles before spraying black paint on them. Then add glittery silver paint. Lastly, use cardboard to create sparkly numbers for your bottles to really make them look stunning.

Make Countdown Clocks

This is one of the simplest New Year decoration ideas with a huge impact. You can use card stock or large paper umbrellas to make countdown clocks. The, you can combine your clocks with gorgeous cork props. You can also add the countdown numbers, which can be quite eye-catching.

Clock arrows on a white plate surrounded by Christmas and New Year attributes.
Image Source: kcuxen

Final thoughts

Bidding goodbye to the year 2017 with a grand party is certainly a great idea. Choosing the right décor for the occasion will help set the mood and help your guests have a grand time. You can draw inspiration from our suggested New Year decoration ideas to make decorating your home for 2018 New Party a pleasure.



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