How to Create Cool Bedrooms on a Budget: 5 Budget-friendly Tips

How to Create Cool Bedrooms on a Budget: 5 Budget-friendly Tips

Looking to create a smart, stylish sleeping sanctuary, but don’t have enough funds? You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in order to have the bedroom of your dreams. There are numerous ideas to create cool bedrooms, which don’t cost so much.

In the light of that, let’s look at 5 simple tips for cool bedrooms, which you can implement within no time. And they will create a dramatic difference in your bedroom.

Create a Focal Point

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Modern bedroom with classic swedish stove.
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One of the cheapest ways to having cool bedrooms is to choose a focal point. There are several things you can make a focal point in your bedroom. They include:

  • A wall-mounted headboard
  • A striking piece of furniture
  • Nightstands
  • Wall-mounted adjustable lamps
  • Artwork
  • Framed cameos
  • Family photos

Remember, you are working on a budget. So, you don’t have to purchase new furniture for this. You can simply replace old or worn out drawer handles and pulls with new, stylish ones.

Design an Accent Wall

Whether you are repainting the entire bedroom or sticking with the existing color, an accent wall is an excellent way to give your room more character without having to spend a fortune. The accent wall will help your room look bigger.

Namely, it draws attention to one wall, which tends to expand the room. Consider using a solid color, vinyl, stencils, or anything else that you find attractive. It will spice up your bedroom in no time.

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Black stylish loft bedroom. Unmade bed with breakfast and reading on tray.
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Refinish Your Furniture

New furniture is costly. So, when it comes to creating cool bedrooms on a budget, new furniture is not always reasonable. Why not simply refinish your existing bedroom furniture?

You can research the internet on how to refinish your bedroom furniture. There are numerous different, inexpensive options to so. For instance, you can repaint, sand and stain, or even wallpaper the front of your dresser drawers.

In fact, refinishing your bedroom furniture is the second best way, after repainting your bedroom, to create cool bedrooms on a budget.

Furnished master bedroom in new home
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Bold Carpeting Creates Cool Bedrooms

Pay attention to the floor of your bedroom by adding an appropriately sized rug. This will create a cozier look and feel in the room. Consider adding a 4×6 rug by the bed as it normally works well for most cool bedrooms.

Depending on your bedroom size, it is advisable to invest in a rug that is large enough to not just tuck under the bed but also to tuck under at least one other piece of furniture.

Modern bedroom interior with huge windows and vintage furniture
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Use Bedroom Fabric Wisely


Bedclothes with botanic print in stylish, artistic bedroom
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Fabrics play an integral role in creating cool bedrooms. So, invest in a nice collection of bed linens and utilize them prudently. You can mix and match the pillows and bed covers. It is the most cost-efficient makeover that you can give to your bedroom.

Your choice of fabric and colors will largely depend on your comfort and personal preference. When it comes to window dressing, you can’t run out of options. You don’t have to go for the exorbitantly priced custom-made draperies to get a chic look. Simply take your pick from the ready-made draperies available on the market. They are affordable and look awesome.

 Interior of light bedroom with lilac bedding
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Festive bedroom of folk lover, mix of styles and materials
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Final Thoughts

The bedroom serves as a haven for peaceful relaxation, reading, and writing. It may be a private room that doesn’t get lots of traffic compared to other rooms in the house, but it still deserves to look great. If you’ve been looking to give your bedroom a makeover, but shy away due to lack of funds, you should realize that there are numerous ways to create cool bedrooms without having to spend a fortune. You can draw inspiration from the few tips outlined above.



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