How to Create Cool Bedrooms That Your Teens Will Love

How to Create Cool Bedrooms That Your Teens Will Love

Teenagers love cool bedrooms. This is where they spend their time, particularly when they want some ‘me time’. Their bedrooms also serve as a safe haven. They love a place where they can do their stuff without worrying about anyone observing them.

As a parent, you can provide cool bedrooms for your teens. There are numerous cool bedroom ideas for teenagers. You just need to choose one that will be suitable for your child. Here are few ideas to inspire you:

Multi-purpose Cool Bedrooms

Cool bedrooms - Cosy bright teenager room with comfortable study space
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Cool Bedrooms - Urban bike standing in designed teenager room
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It is normally at the teen age that your children are starting to explore their independence. Hence, having a place where they can lounge, hang out, and study with friends is virtually more valuable to them than sleep. No place would work for them better than a multi purpose cool bedrooms.

In the light of that, you should work with your teenage daughter or son to bring out the best of these areas in their bedroom:

  • A sleeping area
  • An area to hang out with friends
  • A study area
Shot of a yout room with a living room combined with sleeping area
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Design interior of teenage girl room
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Working with a limited space? In this case, you can be innovative to meet the goal of creating multi-purpose cool bedrooms. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Place a small bench against the bed’s footboard. This is a brilliant way to create a multi-purpose lounge.
  • Add some throw pillows and a rug in a corner. This is an excellent way to create a lounge in a limited space.
  • A sofa table can make a great desk for small bedrooms. It’s narrow enough to work on.
  • Place your child’s bed lengthwise against a wall. Then, add mosquito netting to create a glamorous lounge and sleeping combination.

Add Some Fun Elements

Teens prefer cool bedrooms that are fun and a reflection of who they are. They want to express their creative persona through their bedroom. In order to achieve this, consider adding some fun elements that will excite your teenage child. They should be bold and creative. Here are some cool bedroom ideas to help you add a fun element to your child’s bedroom:

  • An innovative swing chair
  • A round bed
  • A wall-mounted fish tank
  • A hanging bed
Cool bedrooms, hanging chair
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Cool bedrooms, hanging bed
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Invest in Vibrant Wall Decor

An adult’s definition of cool bedrooms is a calm, minimalist sleeping space. Conversely, teenagers love cheery colored, high energy rooms. The wall provides the best opportunity to achieve the kind of brilliance needed in a teen’s bedroom.

Here are some cool teen bedroom ideas to inspire you:

  • Removable wall decals
  • A personalized printed wall treatment
  • Bright wall paint
  • A graffiti wall treatment for an urban feeling
Decorative graffiti on chalkboard wall in teenage room
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Modern study area with yellow chair in simple teenager's bedroom with pattern pillow on bed
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Create a Smart Study Area

Teenage years are normally dominated by school exams. Hence, it is imperative that your teen’s room has a tidy and orderly study space. Be sure to get a high-quality study desk and chair. Also, consider fitting some shelves above the desk area. Your son or daughter needs sufficient space to store study materials.

For a more artistic-looking study area, you can create a chalkboard calendar for the study space. How can you do this?

You can paint one feature wall in dark gray chalkboard paint. Afterward, mix the remaining paint with white emulsion to create about three shades of gray for your squares. Then, using low-tack masking tape, draw the straight lines for your grid. Seven squares across and six down would be sufficient. Lastly, paint your squares in the different shades of gray.

Cool Bedroom Storage Space

Teenagers rarely keep their rooms organized. Hence, good storage options are one of the essential features of cool bedrooms for teenagers. To keep their rooms organized, your teens need a place to throw in all their stuff.

The storage space can be as simple as a chest of drawers. All that matters is that their room doesn’t look untidy and cluttered. Consider the following storage options for your teen’s room, and try to make fun for them:

  • Shelving
  • Dressers
  • A cabinet wall around the bed
  • Storage ottomans

The Bottom Line

If there’s only one place where a teen can express themselves fearlessly, it is their bedroom. Teenagers always prefer a bedroom that looks cool. The room should also be practical and comfortable. The look and feel of the room should be a reflection of their personality. You can draw inspiration from this article to create cool bedrooms for your teenage sons and daughters.




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