How to Properly Clean Your Convertible Sofa Bed

How to Properly Clean Your Convertible Sofa Bed

To make the best use of your living space, you need to invest in a convertible sofa bed. Convertible sofas can be used both as sleeping beds and sitting sofas, and they are beneficial in several ways.

First, they allow for optimum space utilization. With convertible sofa bed, you’ll never have to worry about lack of space to accommodate your guests. Likewise, if you have children visiting often, a convertible would be a great addition to the kid’s bedroom. They can use it when watching TV, Reading, Playing video games, and for sleeping at night.

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If you love changing your room décor often, convertibles can be a great choice for you. Namely, convertible sofas can be easily transported anywhere. You can also place them anywhere you desire. They are unlike traditional furniture, which once placed at a certain spot remains there for several years. Moving traditional furniture is normally not easy, as they’re quite heavy and can’t be moved everywhere.

Convertible sofa beds are also very easy to store, as they can be deflated. Deflating a convertible helps to economize storage space. When not in use, you can tuck it away safely somewhere.

However, just like any other sofa, convertible sofas need to be cleaned once or twice a month. This is especially true if you have little children or pets at home.

So, let’s look at how you can keep your convertibles clean, ensuring they are always pleasing to the eye.

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How to Clean Convertible Sofas

Getting Rid of Bugs

Bugs are one of the biggest threat to your convertibles, as they normally cause itching and swelling problems on human skin. Bugs love dark and cozy areas and that’s why convertible sofas make a perfect home for them.

For food, they feed on your blood while sitting or lying down on the sofa for relaxation. It is very difficult to tell when your convertible is infested by bugs.  They are very minute and no matter how much you squeeze them dead there’ll still be hundreds of them left. So, how do you get rid of them?

Simply clean your convertible sofa beds with hot water and washing powder. Then, leave them in the sun to naturally dry. The sunlight will kill all of the bugs as they can’t withstand sunlight and heat. Be sure there’s no moisture left on the sofas before bringing them back to the house. Otherwise, they’ll attract more bugs.

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Protecting Your Convertibles From Kids and Pets

To keep your convertible sofa beds from getting dirty by your children and pets, consider covering them with a cloth. This ensures the sofa doesn’t get stained. It is the cloth that gets stained instead.

Whenever you have guests, you can remove the cloth and welcome them to a beautiful convertible sofa for sitting and relaxing. If you don’t find this trick effective, then you can just wash and sun-dry them as you would in the case of bugs.

Modern room with comfortable sofa
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Vacuum Your Convertible Sofa Beds

It is advisable to always vacuum you convertible sofas before sitting or sleeping on them. This ensures they are dust free. Otherwise, your convertibles will get stained and eventually lose their luster.

Vacuuming a sofa bed
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Final thoughts

No matter how much you love your children and pets, the last thing you would want is cat or dog hair on your convertible sofa or your children sticking and spilling things on them. Unfortunately, you can’t stop them every time. The best solution is to clean them properly so that they are free of stains, dust, and even bugs. You can achieve that by just following the above tips on how to clean your convertible sofa beds.



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