Contemporary Daybed Cover: Make Your Daybed More Inviting

Contemporary Daybed Cover: Make Your Daybed More Inviting

Daybed cover not only plays a great role in protecting your daybed, it also makes it more pleasing to the eye and to sleep on.

With a daybed cover, you can create a chic look that will transform your daybed to a center of attraction. It can also make the daybed virtually unnoticeable. So, what makes a good daybed cover?

Daybed covers come in a vast variety of designs and styles. They are available in many unique and striking patterns and colors. As such, you can always get one that suits your needs and style. Materials used to make daybed covers include polyester, silk, cotton, satin, polyester, as well as eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and hemp.

Let’s look at the essential things you should look for in a bed cover in a bid to make your daybed attractive and comfortable.

Thread Count

The thread count is something you must keep in mind when shopping for a good daybed cover. It is measured by threads per square inch. This means that the higher the thread count value, the softer your cover will be.

So, if you want premium quality, you should go for a cover with higher thread count. It is worth noting, however, that thread count doesn’t always reflect quality depending on individual manufacturers. Nevertheless, if you want your daybed to stand the test of time, the thread count should be one of your top considerations.

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Machine-washable Daybed Cover

When shopping for daybed covers, it is advisable to go for machine-washable ones. Daybeds are just as predisposed to stains and spills as conventional sofas are. When selecting a cover, you should realize that patterns provide an additional advantage since a patterned fabric will hide stubborn stains more than solid-colored and light-colored fabrics.

Moreover, daybed covers can be quite expensive. You don’t want to purchase a new daybed cover when the old one shrinks in size after washing, simply because it was not machine-washable.

Consider Your Interior Décor

It is imperative that you go for a cover that complements the rest of your home décor. Choose a fabric that helps you create a seamless look. Once you’ve selected your daybed cover, consider dressing up the look of your bed with accent pillows. How about going bold and using vibrant colors?

Alternatively, you can match the pillows to your daybed covers as closely as you can. This is a brilliant way to give your daybed a modern, uniformed look, which both your guests and family members will love. Likewise, if you’re looking for a warm interior, country, and quilt cushions with frills can be a great addition to your daybed.

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The bottom line

Daybed covers help you to protect your daybed from wearing out fast. They also allow you to add style and character to your room. So, if you want to transform the look and feel of your room, consider investing in a suitable daybed cover. There is a wide range of choices out there; you’ll always get something that suits your taste.





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