Colorful Bateau-style Tweed Tub: Bring vintage Chic to your Bathroom

Colorful Bateau-style Tweed Tub: Bring vintage Chic to your Bathroom

Bateau tubs are an awesome addition to any bathroom. They were first popularized in the 19th century and are known for their characteristic rolled top that evokes the bow of a ship. It is worth noting that Bateau is French for a boat.

Flat on the floor to promote stability and high-sided to allow for deep bathing, Bateau tubs were incredibly functional. The rolled tops give the tub symmetrical look. It’s unlike a slipper tub, which only rises at one end.

The tub’s deep roll top styling also helps to prevent water from spilling over the sides. The taps of bateau tubs are normally placed in the middle. This allows for you and your partner to bathe together in luxury.

White Bateau tub
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When they were first introduced in the market, bateau tubs were considered to a preserve of the wealthy. During that time they were only a feature in the master bedroom rather than bathrooms.

If you are looking to have such luxury in your home today, you should invest in Bateau tub-inspired colorful tweed tubs.

What’s in The Colorful Bateau-style Tweed Bathtubs?

Tweed bathtub is a modern representation of the iconic Bateau tub. It is bold and cool. Soaking in it exemplifies a luxurious bath.

Metal tweed bath tub
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If you are into vintage-inspired stuff, a colorful Bateau-inspired tweed bathtub is sure to tickle your fancy. It is an excellent way to add vintage chic with a modern touch to your bathroom.

Tweed tubs epitomize the beauty of bateau, a timeless tub with a nifty aesthetic. A great example of these tubs is a Drummonds Tweed Tub. Drummonds transforms the premium qualities of cast iron bathtubs into a compact profile that is perfect for a small space.

A colorful tweed tub from Drummonds
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Green tub
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Besides being highly durable, another great thing about tweed is that they come in a vast selection of finishes, including:

  • Raw iron
  • Polished iron
  • Spray painted matte
  • A primed exterior that’s ready for paint
  • Gloss exterior in solid colors or patterned designs
Beautiful red tweed tub
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Final thoughts

A bateau tub is an exquisite style of bathtub that dates back to the early 19th century. It is today becoming an increasingly trendy statement piece as the center of attention in many bathrooms. If you would love to incorporate a bateau-style tub into your bathroom, you will never go wrong with colorful tweed bathtub as it is a true representation of the old bateau tub.




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