Christmas Window Decoration – How to Decorate Your Windows for a Great Christmas Ambience

Christmas Window Decoration – How to Decorate Your Windows for a Great Christmas Ambience

Did you know that you don’t have to use the brightest Christmas decoration in order to get the real Christmas experience?

You should realize that even a simple Christmas window decoration can deliver an awesome Christmas ambiance in your home. So, why not turn your windows into the center of focus this festive season?

Nordic interior with christmas decoration.
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There are countless ways to decorate your windows for Christmas. Here are a few Christmas window decoration ideas to get you inspired:

Get the Right Curtains

Curtains play a great role when it comes to Christmas window decorations. Having appropriate Christmas window curtains can set the right mood for the festive season. However, you don’t have to go for the brightest window curtains simply to promote the overall Christmas theme.

The curtains shouldn’t be red or green just to celebrate the holiday season. You should realize that people from outside may also see your window curtains. So, consider choosing Christmas curtains that also reflect your sense of style.

You also need to choose the most suitable design and style for your curtains. One of the best ideas when it comes to Christmas window decorations is to tie it all together with plain green and red velvet bow. You know why velvet is recommended?

Christmas evening. classic apartments with a white fireplace, decorated tree, sofa, large windows and chandelier
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 Christmas interior with natural light, Christmas tree and fireplace
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Velvet can enhance the elegance of your Christmas window curtains without compromising their overall design. You can also add some shiny jewel tone sheers alongside the curtains. The result will be outstanding, Christmas-inspired curtains.

Create Your Own Christmas Snow

Fake snowflakes are a timeless and popular form of Christmas decoration. Consider creating your own winter flurries with a falling snowflakes display on your window. Use colorful snowflakes for that fanciful look. You can hang an evergreen swag across the top of your window to complete the wintry look.

Christmas decoration
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Make Use of Christmas Lights

No Christmas decoration beats colorful lights when it comes to delivering the perfect Christmas ambiance. You can install these lights around the window frame with tacks or tape. Alternatively, you can drape them across the window top.

The most remarkable thing about lights is that they can be used together with other Christmas window decorations. Namely, they’re normally mounted up out of the way, leaving you with enough room for other decorative elements.

Holiday decoration on the windowsill covered with woolen plaid.
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Nordic kitchen with christmas decoration.
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Garlands and Bunting Decorations

You can also decorate your windows with garlands and bunting. In fact, this is one of the versatile Christmas window decoration ideas you can adopt. There are countless ways to implement it.

Depend on the color scheme you have picked for this year’s holiday décor, consider making festive garlands that share a theme. Alternatively, you can mix and match a number of different designs.

Beautiful Christmas decorated apartment with a fireplace, a large beautiful tree and a huge window.
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Christmas window decoration
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Consider Using Decorative Window Film

If you are looking for low-cost window decoration ideas, you can’t go wrong with decorative window film. Besides being fairly cheap, it is also very easy to install. Moreover, there is a wide selection of patterns available to choose from.

This gives you a chance to get as creative as you like. Alternatively, you can opt for canned-snow, which is another affordable window decoration but produces an excellent wintry effect. A great idea for applying canned snow is to spell out Christmas messages such as “Merry Christmas.”

Window decoration with canned snow
Image Source: stevecuk

Final thoughts

Decorating your windows is a cool way to prepare your home for the holidays. There are numerous Christmas window decoration ideas to choose from, but it all starts with getting the right curtains. Then you can add to the elegance by crafting your own snowflakes, draping lights across the window top, or using garlands and bunting. Be sure to choose decorative elements that blend in with the rest of the home décor.





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