Christmas Table Decorations – 3 Top Secrets You Should Know

Christmas Table Decorations – 3 Top Secrets You Should Know

Are you looking for inspiration for Christmas table decorations for your Christmas festivities? No matte what you’re planning to serve your family and guests, a Christmas table deserves a special touch. We’ll share with you some top secrets you should follow to add sparkle to your Christmas table settings.

Christmas table decorations can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want to make them. However, there are some secrets you have to adhere to. This will make your table décor much more attractive while at the same time making your work easier.

Decoration of Christmas table: candles, juniper branches and napkins
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If you ignore these secrets, your overall Christmas decoration could end up being a mess. So, what are the secrets? Here we go:

Picking the Right Color Scheme

The first secret of Christmas table decorations is deciding on a particular color and design theme and sticking to it.  You can choose to go with one color or a variety of colors. Green, gold, white, red, and silver make perfect colors for Christmas table decorations.

Luxury dining room with christmas decoration.
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If you’re looking to achieve a winterly look for your Christmas table, blue, white, or light shades of purple can deliver the perfect effect. Consider adding some candles along with decorative snowflakes, strands of clear beads, or little snowmen.

If there’s a color scheme in your home that you’re considering playing off of, that will make things even easier. You can always find suitable candles, beads, and ribbons in your local store or online. Add some touch of winter greenery or small Christmas trees to complete the look.

Nordic kitchen with christmas decoration.
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Setting the Centerpiece

Christmas table decorations can’t be complete without a perfect centerpiece. You can start off your centerpiece by laying a Christmas wreath in the center of the table. Then, you can decorate with any item you would want to use as a theme. A great and unique centerpiece in exchange for flowers or candles could be figurines. If you’re looking for Baby Jesus figurines, or other Christmas figurines, feel free to check out Holyart.

What if you don’t have any theme in mind? Bows and ribbons can come in handy in that case. Inside your Christmas wreath, put a large candle or a couple of tapers. It’s up to you to decide on the size of the tapers. They can be the same height or varying heights.

Just be sure that the hot wax or flames don’t touch anything that might cause a fire. You can even replace the traditional centerpiece with hurricane lanterns. Simply place them in a row down the center of your holiday table.

Festive table with christmas decoration
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There are several other small festive items you can use as Christmas table decorations centerpiece. These include stemware filled with beads, berries, nuts, or glass marbles. You can then use themed pieces, such as Christmas bells, to decorate in between.

For instance, you can purchase bells strung on a wire and wrap them around the base of your hurricane lanterns. Another cool idea is to attach the bells to a ribbon before wrapping the ribbons around the lanterns.

Festive Christmas and New Year table setting in scandinavian style with rustic handmade details in natural and white tones
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Choosing the Right Napkins

When it comes to Christmas table decorations, it is imperative that you consider what kind of napkins would perfectly match your chosen table décor. If you’re looking to create a snowy, wintery aura, then colors such as white, purple, and pastel blue can be a perfect choice. What if you prefer a more traditional look for your Christmas table?

Then, consider going for green, gold, or red. These colors can effectively deliver the classic feel you’re looking for. Instead of simply placing your napkins flat on the table, why not fold them into a silver napkin ring to add some extra sparkle to your Christmas table?

Christmas table place setting with candles and a little wreath on white rustic table
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Festive red decorated napkin with ornate sterling silver napkin ring
Image Source: Anneke

Final thoughts

Christmas decorations normally include indoor decorations, outdoor decorations, and Christmas table decorations. Christmas table decorations are perhaps the closest to the heart, especially to ladies who love setting the table where everyone will dine. Choosing gorgeous Christmas table decorations is an excellent way to bring all that festive cheer into your home. Be sure to follow the above secrets to have the perfect table decoration.



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