Consider These 5 Things When Choosing Bathroom Curtains

Consider These 5 Things When Choosing Bathroom Curtains

If you are looking to decorate your new bathroom, or to remodel the existing one, you should start with bathroom curtains. You know why?

First, you need privacy. You don’t want to be exposed at your most vulnerable moment, especially when you are naked. Also, bathroom curtains are a cheap way to add some drama and elegance to your bathroom. But what makes the best bathroom curtain?

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It is worth noting that we’re talking about bathroom window curtains here, not shower curtains. There are several factors to consider when choosing your bathroom curtains. This article outlines 5 essential factors that will help you to select the perfect bathroom curtains for your needs.

Bathroom Curtain Fabrics

Bathroom curtains come in a vast variety of fabrics. These include cotton, microfiber, sheers, and weaves of various textures. You should choose a fabric that allows sufficient daylight in while still providing the much-needed privacy.

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The lighter the fabric of your bathroom curtains, the more daylight your bathroom will receive. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton normally provide a bright bathroom with just the right level of privacy.

You can also choose fabric according to seasonal needs. Namely, lightweight fabrics are ideal for summer and spring. Conversely, heavier weight curtain fabrics are great for fall and winter. They promote heat conservation and minimize energy consumption.

Colors for Bathroom Curtains

When choosing bathroom curtains you should consider the colour of your bathroom walls, floor, and furniture. The colour of your bathroom curtains should blend in with the various elements of your bathroom.

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It is advisable to go for neutral or pastel shades as they can work well with a variety of styles. A colour like white or beige, for instance, is a great choice as it is versatile. What if you prefer contrasting colours?

Then consider experimenting with various options. If your floor features a beige tone, for instance, it will look great with brown-blue bathroom curtains.

The Design of Your Bathroom

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You should choose curtains that match or compliment the design of your bathroom. Is your bathroom designed with a vintage look? Then using vintage linens will deliver the best effect. Vintage curtains come out perfectly when integrated with a twine across the window frame.

The contrast of the twine and the curtain adds a striking compliment, which enriches the natural textures of your bathroom’s vintage interior. If you are looking to add a rustic touch to your bathroom, consider using a rustic valance. In fact, a rustic valance will make your bathroom to always feel fresh and vibrant.

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Bright and modern bathroom interior with wooden tiles, shower and bathtub
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Bathroom Curtains for Small Windows

If your bathroom windows are small, you should go for curtains that are made especially for them. Make sure the curtains are hemmed to fit the windows perfectly. You want a pleasant clean look on your bathroom windows.

Also, you can consider sewing a tie-back to each of the curtains. This will allow you to pull them back and out of the way whenever you want to allow some light in. Another cool idea is to use panel curtains.

One of the best things about panel curtains is that you can easily match them with any décor. They come in a wide variety of designs, prints, colours, and textures.

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What if Your Bathroom Has a Row of Windows?

If your bathroom features a row of windows, consider hanging matching curtains on each window. You want the windows to have a uniform look. Or do you prefer something somewhat unique?

A great idea would be to create a frame with your bathroom curtains. Here’s a good example to get you inspired:

  • Hang one long curtain on the two outside windows
  • Hang shot decorative curtains on the middle windows

This idea sounds simple, but it will give your windows a unique and elegant look.

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Final thoughts

Everyone needs privacy when in the bathroom. You don’t want to be exposed at your most vulnerable moment. You also want to have a great-looking bathroom. The easiest and cheapest way to achieve all of this is to invest in the right bathroom curtains. So, you should carefully consider the fabric, colour, bathroom design, as well as the size of your bathroom windows before buying curtains.



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