How To Choose The Perfect Artwork For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Artwork For Your Home

Artwork plays a great role in expressing the personality of the homeowner. It helps in creating a unified feel between several pieces as well as creating character in a home. So, you have to get it right when it comes to choosing artwork for your home.

However, choosing the perfect artwork can be somewhat daunting, especially given the wide range of choices available on the market.

In this article, we present you some powerful tips that will help you get the right artwork for your space.

Modern living room interior.
Image Source: Victor Zastol’skiy

Go For What You Like

It is advisable to always go for a piece of art that you are passionate about. You don’t have to put something in your home if it doesn’t tickle your fancy.

It’s great if you already have an idea of the kind of art you like. If you don’t, just look around. You may find an idea of what kind of art whose look you like. You can look online or visit galleries, exhibitions, and local art shops.

Grey sofa standing in front of a wooden table in living room interior with posters on the walls, striped rug and bio fireplace
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Set The Tone

Do you want your home to have a formal or casual vibe?

You need to answer this question before you go out to find the perfect artwork. If you want to create a casual feel, you should choose light and bright colors, especially on unframed canvas.

For a formal vibe, you can’t go wrong with a framed piece that features distinct lines and structure in darker shades.

 Interior of modern furnished living room
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Modern open floor apartment
Image Source: nicos

Keep Scale in Mind

Generally, if your room is small, you should go for one large piece of art. This will make your room feel bigger. Many smaller pieces can make the room feel cluttered.

Large pieces would also be a great choice if you are looking to brighten areas such as a hallway or foyer. These pieces will create a maximum impact.

If you want to decorate a space that already contains key furniture pieces such as a bed or sofa, you need to create visual balance with your piece of art. You can achieve that by hanging the piece halfway between your piece of furniture and the ceiling.

Modern living room with sofa and furniture
Image Source: Africa Studio


Elegant villa living room with fireplace, two couches and carpet
Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek

Pick The Right Frame

Generally, black and white frames never go out of style. Silver and Gold frames are also elegant. Timber frames are the perfect choice for a timber house, but you have to pay attention to your floors. For example, a dark mahogany frame won’t work well with blonde timber floors.

Modern living room with set of pillows on sofa
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Framed posters gallery above a cozy double bed in a feminine white room
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Final thoughts

The artwork in your home tells a great deal of your personality. You should think twice before you invest in any piece. Consider the feel that you want to achieve and the size of your room. Also, when buying artwork, never underestimate the importance of personal taste. If you like something and can see it working in your space, go for it!



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