Cat Décor Tips – How to Protect Your Possessions from the Cats

Cat Décor Tips – How to Protect Your Possessions from the Cats

Do you own a cat but want to have a fabulous home? We’ll share with you some cat décor tips to help you create an elegant, cat-friendly home.

Decorating a home around a cat isn’t always an easy task. Cats are a threat to most décor. They believe that the home and its possessions belong to them. As such, they have every right to break, scratch, or rip anything they like.

Moreover, cats are difficult to train. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home just because you own a cat. You can simply decorate them.

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Let’s look at 3 most valuable cat décor tips to get you inspired:


You don’t want a type of flooring that shows the cat hair. Therefore, avoid choosing very dark or very light colors for a carpet. Instead, go for a textured, stain resistant carpet with an attractive design.

Such carpets are good at hiding the cat hair, as well as the occasional mark from an accident. Sisal carpets or rugs are not a good choice for a cat-occupied space. Your cat will easily shred them.

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It’s also difficult to remove spots from a sisal carpet. If you are looking for an easier-to-clean, cat-friendly carpet, you can’t go wrong with a nylon carpet.

Another alternative is to invest in hardwood flooring. Just be sure it’s treated with a good polyurethane. This ensures that it doesn’t absorb the odor of an accident. You can also use tiled floors.

However, the tiled floors must be properly sealed. This prevents smells from being absorbed into the grout. Moreover, wooden and tiled floors make it easier for you to control fleas.

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Furniture and Shelving

Cats are one of the major enemies of fragile items. A cat will walk on virtually any surface within its reach. In the process, he will carelessly sweep his tail, sending any fragile valuables smashing onto the floor.

So, avoid keeping your fragile valuables on low tables and shelves. Consider investing in items made from wood or metal. Lamps should be heavy based. You don’t want them to get knocked over. Always keep the cords out your cat’s sight.

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Mirrors should also be kept away as cats tend to attack their own reflection. It’s worth noting that cats will scratch anything that is made of cloth. This means your couches, pillows, and drapes aren’t safe.

So, consider spraying natural cat repellant on your furniture. You may also use a plastic couch cover until your cat learns to behave itself. Another great cat décor idea is to buy your pet a scratching post.

Encourage them to scratch the post instead of your valuable fabrics. You can eventually remove protective coverings from your furniture when you’re convinced they are safe.

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You should never forget your plants when thinking about cat décor. Cats love chewing on leaves, digging in the soil, and urinating in the plants. How can you avoid these problems?

You can decorate around them as well as train your cat out of them. For instance, you can apply a natural spray repellant to the plants. This will cause many cats to avoid chewing on the leaves.

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If your cat normally excretes in your plant, it’s because the dirt in the pot resembles the cat’s litter box. Use gravel or stones to fill over the top of the dirt. The cat will no longer be fascinated with the soil. This can also be a nice decorative accent to your plant.

Final thoughts

Cats bring a special kind of joy to our homes. However, owning them also comes with myriad challenges. One of the greatest challenges is your home décor. Your furniture will be scratched, couches shredded, and most surfaces covered in cat hair. You may also have to contend with some odor if your own several cats. Fortunately, with the above cat décor tips, you will be able to effectively deal with these problems.



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