Add Class to Your Bedroom with a Canopy Bed

Add Class to Your Bedroom with a Canopy Bed

A canopy bed is one of the best ways to add luxury and character to a bedroom. Commonly known as four-poster beds, these beds have created drama and stature in bedrooms throughout history, dating back to middle ages when they were largely used to add warmth and privacy. They have been a favorite for everyone from royalty to renowned interior designers such as Paul Evans.

You might be wondering what a canopy bed is.

This type of bed features a tall post at each corner, which supports a covering made of fabric or netting. The covering creates a private enclosure that can be drawn back. It can bring a lot of magic to your bedroom. It wraps you up in its lavish embrace and makes you feel safe from the surrounding world. Likewise, it can provide a sense of protection to your children.

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There is a wide selection of canopy beds available on the market today. So, it is imperative that you take the time to choose a bed that best suits your style and needs. In that light, we present you a detailed guide to help you get the right canopy bed for your bedroom.

Types of Canopy Beds

While there are numerous types of canopy beds, the specific types generally fit into two broad categories. Shall we outline the categories?

Traditional Canopy Beds

Traditional canopy beds normally feature a Victorian aesthetic. They are generally made from either intricately carved wood frames and post, or metal frames. Another significant element of these beds is ruffled or pleated draping, which adds to their elaborate look.

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Contemporary Canopy Beds

Compared to their traditional counterparts, contemporary canopy beds normally employ a simpler design. They are usually made from wood or metal, or a combination of the two. Most modern canopy beds have no headboard or footboard detail.

It is also worth noting that traditional canopy beds largely use brightly colored, decorative cloth with patterns. Conversely, contemporary canopy beds allow for far more freedom of expression and are an excellent choice for kids.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Canopy Bed

When shopping for a canopy bed, there are several things you should take into consideration. You don’t want to get disappointed for buying a bed that doesn’t serve your needs. So, keep these factors in mind:


One of the first considerations to make when shopping for a canopy bed is what bed size will fit in your bedroom. You should realize that these beds have both width and height. So, you need to take careful measurements of your bedroom.

Namely, measure the floor space your bed will take as well as the ceiling height over your bed. Also, remember that you’ll need about two feet on each side of your bed. This is to allow for easy bed making and the bedding you’ll be putting on.

It is also advisable to consider the length and height of your bed with regard to the tallest person who will be sleeping on it.

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The material used to make the canopy bed is another important factor to consider. This is because it determines the characteristics, appearance, and durability of the bed. Just as other types of furniture, these beds are made of a wide variety of materials.

However, the most common type of material is wood. The type of wood that is normally used for canopy beds is stained wood, which includes maple, pine, and oak. Nonetheless, nowadays you may also find a canopy bedroom set that is made of metal.

When it comes to the choice of material, it also advisable to consider the type of fabric used on the canopy. These beds can utilize anything from mosquito netting to rich, soft velvets for their canopies. The choice of fabric will largely depend on where you live. If you live in a tropical region, for instance, you cannot go for a heavy velvet.

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Besides the size and material, another essential consideration you should keep in mind when buying a canopy bedroom set is the design or style of your preferred canopy bed. You know why?

The style or the design of the bed will affect the entire look of your bedroom. So, it is imperative that you choose a canopy bedroom set with a style that matches perfectly with the design of your bedroom.

Most beds of this type come with traditional style. This is a great choice for a traditional-themed bedroom. However, if yours is a contemporary-styled bedroom, consider going for a canopy bed with a more modern style.

Other factors that you may want to consider when shopping for canopy bedroom sets are comfort and price. Your preferred bed, as well as the mattress, needs to be comfortable. The level of comfort will largely depend on the construction of the bed.

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Final Thoughts

Canopy beds are an exceptional addition to a bedroom and serve as a magnificent centerpiece. They are romantic and lavish. That’s why they are normally considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. Moreover, canopy bedroom sets create a sense of privacy in a spacious bedroom and offer protection from the morning lights. These beds come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. So, when looking for a canopy bed, you should keep in mind which type will best suit your existing bedroom design and décor. The bed should also fit the room seamlessly.



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