Brilliant Small Apartment Design Tricks That Will Inspire You

Brilliant Small Apartment Design Tricks That Will Inspire You

Looking for some inspiration on small apartment design? You’ll get it right here.

Living in a limited space can be tough. It poses a real decorating challenge. However, just because your home has limited square footage, it doesn’t mean you have to live in discomfort.

You just need a few modern house interior decor tricks. With these, you will be able to transform your tiny apartment into a more dynamic space.

You’ll be able to create a cozy environment that feels much larger than it actually is.

That said, shall we look at some ingenious small apartment design ideas to help you transform your space?

Lighten and Brighten

Small dark spaces normally look dramatic. If you’re in doubt, however, consider lightening and brightening your small apartment. In this way, you will make it look bigger. How do you do that?

Simply clean your windows and get rid of anything that could be blocking natural light. Then, lighten your space with paint colors and materials of your choice. Be sure to add light where necessary.

small apartment designs
Living room with blue upholstered furniture, window blinds and white net curtain | Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek/


Small apartment designs
Bright modern studio apartment in Scandinavian minimalist style | Image Source: richman21/


Small apartment designs
Light living room with large window, TV, large sofa and white furniture set | Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek/


Small Apartment Design Tip: Capitalize on the Ceiling

Does your small apartment feature a high ceiling? If yes, don’t let that ceiling space go to waste. We’ve got a modern house interior design trick to effectively utilize the space.

You can construct a mezzanine level with an opening that could be filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves.

In this way, you’ll not only create an extra level in between floors but you will also get some additional storage space.

Moreover, you can use the ceiling to hang items such as pot racks.

small apartment designs
Light and high-ceiling flat in new style with large sofa, dining set and open kitchen | Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek/


small apartment designs
Small studio flat arrangement with inventive decorations | Image Source:

Invest in Multi-functional Furniture

Ever heard of functional small apartment design? When living with limited square footage, you should think of furniture that doubles up on function.

Namely, you can only fit a limited number of furniture pieces in your small apartment. Hence, it is advisable to have some of the pieces to double up on purposes.

For instance, you can invest in a coffee table that doubles up as storage.

Likewise, you can get a sofa that doubles up a guest bed. How about getting a desk that transforms into a nightstand in the evening?

small apartment designs
Side view of a white bedroom interior with a concrete floor, a single bed and a computer table with a bookcase. Soft gray wall and a poster. | Image Source: denisismagilov/

Go With Curtains

Another brilliant small apartment design idea is to discard those standard-issue apartment blinds. Then, add a touch of drama with curtains.

Explore ideas on how to place the curtains so they can make your space look bigger.

For instance, you can hang them outside the window or on bare walls. If you want to create an illusion of height, consider hanging the curtains floor-to-ceiling.

Likewise, you can let them flow from a cornice, which conceals the curtain rod.

Small apartment designs
New flat with high-ceiling curtains, white chairs and open kitchen. | Image Source: yurmary/

Use see-through Stuff

This is a fun small apartment design trick. In the world of modern house interior decor, Lucite furniture and glass tops are known to provide the illusion of openness while still delivering the needed function.

You could be in need of a table or chair, but don’t want it to feel like the piece of furniture is cluttering your space. The ideal solution is to get see-through furniture. It will provide the function you need devoid of the visual bulk.

glass table for small apartments
Transparent surfaces | Image Source: yurmary/

The bottom line

Living in a small apartment poses a great challenge. There’s hardly sufficient storage space. The rooms feel cluttered, therefore making them look large can be mind-numbing.

Fortunately, there are several small apartment design tricks that can help you make your space look twice as large.

You can start by trying the 5 aforementioned ideas and see the difference.




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