Black And White House That Tickles the Fancy of the Whole Family

Black And White House That Tickles the Fancy of the Whole Family

From the outside, you’ll know right away that this is a family-friendly home. This monochrome home features an outdoor kitchen and dining area perfect for al fresco dining in the warm summer days.

You may dismiss the house as a no-frills piece of home design, owing to its black and white decoration. But wait until you see the interior.

House exterior
Image Source: Home design

So, what’s the inside of the house like?

The home interior feature deep and dramatic strips of black walls and ceilings alongside lovely white sections. The space is soaked in bright light. Fanciful wall decals and fun furniture make the home exciting even for kids.

The living room’s high walls are painted black and white, while the ceiling is black. The ceiling matches most of the furniture. This makes the otherwise spacious living room feel somewhat squeezed.

The floor and chimney breast wall is white, adding a solid icy brightness to the scheme. Looking beyond the dark modern sofa, you’ll notice a sizable kid’s zone. Keeping watch of the kid’s as they play is a giant bear decal on the adjacent wall.

Modern living room interior with a kids play area
Image Source: Home design

Shall we explore the kid’s play area a little?

Kid’s need a soft surface to play in order to minimize injuries. That’s where the stylish area rug below a set of overhead monkey bars comes in handy. Speaking of area rugs, there’s another matching piece separating the lounge from the kitchen diner.

Don’t say you didn’t notice the gymnastic rings. The painted black walls provide a good surface for daily doodling. All play with no reading is not healthy for your kids.

The book storage under stairs conveniently solves that problem.  And there’s and swing seat and cushioned floor seat for comfortable reading.

That should be enough for the kid’s play area, let’s go back to the living area for some finer details.

Kids play area
Image Source: Home design

The Living Area

You can view the glazed fireplace from both the dining room and the lounging area. The deep hearth also provides a beautiful shelf for the entertainment unit. The solid chimney breast creates a shallow visual divide between the adjacent areas.

Remember the bear guarding the kid’s play area? There’s another one propped behind the six-seater black dining table. Just above the table are two sizable dining room pendant lights. A simple centerpiece made of a branch of leaves finishes the stunning look.

Living area decor
Image Source: Home design


Dining room decor
Image Source: Home design

No home is complete without a kitchen. It’s the heart of every home. So, what do we have in this home’s kitchen?

The Kitchen Area

The grey kitchen coupled with a set of natural wood tone provides a warm look. The kitchen’s central island features a highly reflective effect. This delivers a glistening finish.

You can’t fail to notice the kitchen’s exposed shelving. The shelving offers an element of practical decoration in a minimalist setting. Virtually everything here is designed to blend in with the dark wall backdrop.

But do people sleep in this home? Read on to find out.

Dark kitchen interior
Image Source: Home design

The Sleeping Areas

We start by exploring the home’s contemporary master bedroom. In the room, just behind a long upholstered headboard, there’s a large photographic print. What a brilliant way to add a touch of natural greenery to the natural scheme!

A relaxing chair by the TV and an exceptional end table blend in with the floor’s warm wood tone. A bespoke mirror takes up the width of the bedroom. On top of a floating vanity with hidden storage are twin basins.

Bedroom with grey and brown tones
Image Source: Home design


Modern bedroom interior
Image Source: Home design

The wash areas are illuminated by a set of positionable task lighting. Adding the brightness is a strip lighting below the cosmetics shelf. Another strip lighting wraps around the perimeter of the ceiling. Besides enriching brightness, the lights also help to scatter spotlights.

Bathroom with grey tones and wooden elements
Image Source: Home design


Modern bathroom interior with wooden elements and grey walls
Image Source: Home design

In another washroom, you’ll find a set of compact white pedestal basin and toilet. Next to them is a shower cubicle.

Bathroom interior
Image Source: Home design

The kid’s bedroom décor palette features a much lighter wood tone. The tone has played a great role in creating a light study area. The study area sports a desk, a cushioned desk chair, and under-desk cupboard.

The desk chair matches the room’s white walls and black accents. There’s also a unit of tall shelving for keeping files and reference books organized. Typographical decals are used to create exciting animal wall art.

Kids bedroom decor
Image Source: Home design

The alphabetical backdrop has decorative wall hooks for kids to showcase their favorite outfits. Here’s something for Disney enthusiasts:

The bed. A Mickey Mouse silhouette serves as the headboard. And it blends in well with the black circular rug.

You can’t fail to notice the light blonde wood that runs from the study area, right up and over the ceiling. The wood creates a log cabin effect that ends up as a feature wall behind the two creative headboards. Kids can keep their bedtime soft toys in the woven basket at the end of the bed.

Kids bedroom light interior
Image Source: Home design


Light wood elements in kids bedroom
Image Source: Home design

As we wind up the tour, let’s have a look at the kid’s bathroom, as well as the storage area.

What’s in the Kid’s Bathroom?

The bathroom features a minty green nature theme. Plenty of Lilly pad-like leaves dot the eccentric splash wall behind the shower. Speaking of lilypads, there are two round polka dot stools that match the look.

The stools provide a safe boost for the kids at the wash basin. The lower wall adjacent to a leaning towel ladder is decorated with three mint green baby birds.

Kids bedroom decor
Image Source: Home design

Storage Places

When it comes to storage, the home features an arrangement of rails and banks of drawers. These are finished in sleek black and smooth walnut. Items that are no longer used are kept on a high shelf.

Likewise, surplus household stuff and outwear can be stashed away at the alternative storage areas in the entryway. You don’t want the entrance to such a home to look cluttered. Simple black doors solve this problem effectively. They conceal the stored stuff from the open-ended hallway.

Grey wardrobe in modern home
Image Source: Home design


Hallway interior
Image Source: Home design




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