How to Make Birthday Party Centerpieces for Your Kid’s Birthday

How to Make Birthday Party Centerpieces for Your Kid’s Birthday

Looking for ideas on centerpieces for enhancing your kid’s birthday party decorations? Then, don’t worry. We’ll present you a few amazing DIY birthday party centerpieces that you can adapt to your party.

Birthday party centerpieces are usually simple and easy to make. The only challenge could be getting the right theme for your party. Once you have the theme, creating birthday party centerpiece that matches it would be very easy.  

First year Birthday cake.
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In the case of a child’s birthday party, themed birthday party centerpieces are normally the best. For instance, you can simply use your child’s favorite toy, cartoon character, or any other item they like as your theme.

That said, let’s explore 3 beautiful DIY birthday party centerpieces that can really enrich your kid’s birthday party decorations:

Picture Frame Birthday Party Centerpieces

If you are looking for first birthday party ideas, this can be a great, yet simple idea. It Just involves placing framed pictures of the child to showcase some of their achievement in their first year. You can use photos of their first bath, the first bite of cereal, first time crawling, etc.

Newborn photos
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You should use a variety of frames, in terms of size and shape, to make it colorful. What about the frame colors?

You can use your birthday party colors or just paint them all white. Also, consider adding candles, flowers, or a cupcake bouquet in between the framed photos to complete the look.

Edible Birthday Party Centerpieces

More and more people are adopting the idea of edible centerpieces. In fact, they are an incredibly beautiful way to decorate your party tables. They are not only exciting to make; they are also exciting to eat.

Platter of delicious cupcakes decorated with Happy Birthday theme
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Mini marshmallow cupcakes ,chocolate spoons and other sweets on pink birthday party table for kids
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You can make edible centerpieces from a wide range of foods. You can use cupcakes, cookies, lollipops, brownie bites, cake pops, and much more. If you are mindful of your health, edible fruits arrangements can also make great centerpieces.

Cupcakes and Cake
Image Source: topotishika

Blowers and Squawkers Centerpiece

If you are looking for something unique for your birthday party decorations, here’s a fun idea for you. This innovative birthday party centerpiece comprises squawkers and party blowers inserted into foam blocks with low-cost pieces of floral wire.

You can choose colors that match your theme. Here’s a simple guide on how to make this affordable, unique, and fascinating centerpiece:

Get the following items:

  • Floral wire
  • 4” block of foam
  • 7” block of foam
  • Tissue paper
  • Colored ribbon
  • Pack of party squawkers
  • Pack of party blowers
Objetos de fiesta
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Once you have the items, follow the instructions below to craft your centerpiece:

  • Wrap the larger foam block in tissue paper. Then, tape 3 rows of ribbon around it.
  • Wrap the smaller foam block in tissue paper, leaving one end open. Be sure there’s excess tissue sticking up.
  • Bend a piece of floral wire in half before inserting the folded end into blowers. Then, stick the pointed end into the larger block, where desired.
  • Take another piece of floral wire and bend its end to form a hook. Insert the hook end into blowers before inserting it into the top of the smaller block, in the opened tissue end.
  • Using wire cutters, cut some pieces of floral wire. Insert the wire pieces into squawkers before inserting them into the large block, where desired.
  • Gather the excess tissue on a smaller foam block and tie with ribbon. You can use different colors of ribbon.

Final thoughts

Coming up with ideas on birthday party centerpieces can be overwhelming. However, it is fun once you have everything figured out. You only need to figure out the theme for your kid’s birthday party and the rest will be very easy. You can draw inspiration from the above ideas. It is also worth noting that candles can be risky for kid’s birthday party decorations. They increase the risk of fire and burns. Consider using candle alternatives for your kid’s birthday party centerpiece. If you need to add some extra sparkle, you can use battery-operated candles, light sticks, or glowing wands.



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