How to Choose the Best Table legs: 3 Easy Steps

How to Choose the Best Table legs: 3 Easy Steps

Some furniture manufacturers and stores sell products that you can totally customize. This makes it very easy to find a design that suits your personality and style. For instance, you can purchase tables for your home by choosing the table base and table legs separately. With a wide variety of legs to choose from, it can be challenging to choose the right ones for your needs.

Nonetheless, you will find it easy to select the appropriate table legs when you follow the simple steps outlined below:

Choose Your Preferred Style

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Nothing can be more gratifying than being able to determine which table leg style best suits your needs. The most popular styles in today’s world of furniture designs are Mid-Century Modern, Country, and Square.

If you are looking for a timeless design, however, consider going for classic designs such as French Country, Mission, Sheraton, and Shaker. Styles such as straight or spiraled flutes can also add some appeal and sophistication.

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Select the Table leg Height

Choosing the height of your table legs is perhaps the easiest thing to do. Your choice of table leg height will depend largely on the kind of table you want. Legs for coffee tables, for instance, are normally 16 to 18 inches.

Conversely, desk or dining table legs are normally 28 to 29 inches. End stand legs are normally 24 to 26 inches tall, whereas bath, kitchen, and bar legs fall between 36 and 46 inches tall.

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Consider the Leg Thickness

Another important consideration when it comes to choosing legs for your table is the visual weight of the furniture. You should consider the table top thickness of your preferred table. A thick table top goes well with thick legs.

Sometimes, however, a thick top would look best with thinner legs. It all comes down to what you find most visually appealing and what best blends with your existing furniture.

You also need to consider the size of your table top. Namely, an 8-foot table top will look best with thicker legs, whereas a 6-foot table would work well with thinner legs.

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What Type of Wood Makes the Best Table Legs?

Wood is the most preferred material for making furniture frames, including the table legs. This is mainly because wood is easy to be shaped to any design. In fact, there are numerous kinds of table leg designs that you can choose from. Those designs are made from different kinds of wood. But which is the best type of wood to choose for your table legs?

The choice of wood for the legs will depend largely on your table. For example, Australian lacewood may be an excellent choice for coffee table legs, but it is so soft that it can’t support the likes of a pool table. If you are looking for toughness and durability in furniture legs, then you should go for mahogany or red oak.

Wooden table legs
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Generally, Maple wood is the most preferred for furniture legs. This is mainly attributed to its availability and affordability. It is also hardy and versatile. If you are working with very heavy tables, however, be sure to get wood that can stand the weight. Walnut can be the perfect choice in that case. It is considered to be one of the most valuable hardwoods for furniture.

Final Thoughts

Table legs are a great way to improve the look of the tables in a home. So, they need to be beautifully designed in order to deliver the best effect to a home décor. Table leg designs vary depending on the type of the table, be it a coffee table, dining table, corner table, etc. It is important to choose legs that will enhance the look of your room. This article will help you get the right legs for your tables.




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