Best Carpet for Pets – A Guide to Choosing a Pet-friendly Carpet

Best Carpet for Pets – A Guide to Choosing a Pet-friendly Carpet

What is the best carpet for pets? Every pet owner should ask this question before buying a carpet.

Dogs and cats spend a better part of their time walking around your house. It is imperative that you consider their comfort when choosing flooring for your house. It is also worth noting that pets can also cause damage to various types of floors.

The type of flooring you choose should be durable to withstand damages that come with owning pets. The flooring should also make your pet feel as comfortable as possible while upholding the good look and feel of your home.

In that light, we present you factors to consider when choosing the best carpet for pets.

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Carpets are normally made from wool or from synthetic fibers such as olefin, polyester, and nylon. If you thought a decorative dog crate is the only source of great comfort for your dog, think again. Wool carpet can also provide great comfort for your pet.

It is the softest and the most luxurious. It is naturally fire-resistant and disintegrates more quickly in landfills. Unfortunately, it is not really resistant to stain and can be very expensive. So, it may not be the best choice for you.

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Nylon carpet, on the other hand, is durable and stain-resistant. It is also relatively affordable. This makes it the best carpet for pets. While polyester and olefin carpets are much cheaper, they are not as durable as nylon or wool.

Loop Yarns

You should carefully examine the fibers of your desired carpet before you make a purchase. It is advisable to avoid carpets that have loop yarns. Loop yarns can capture your pet’s claws as it playfully strolls around the house.

The claws can also unravel the loops. The result will be damage to your carpet. What is the best carpet for pets to solve these problems?

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You need to just invest in a cut-pile carpet without loop fibers. It also advisable to trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Carpets play a great role in giving your home a comfortable, elegant look. However, there are several things carpet manufacturers wish would have remained a secret. For instance, you should realize that new carpets emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

VOCs are chemical compounds that can be dangerous to pets with allergies and other sensitivities. If you are worried about these chemical compounds, consider airing out your carpet before installation. Also, always look for carpets with Green Label Plus certification.

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Specially Designed Carpets for Pets

There is a wide range of carpets designed just for pets available on the market today. These carpets are capable of preventing pet stains from seeping through to your carpet padding. Otherwise, the moisture would promote the growth of bacteria and mold.

You can also invest in carpet tiles. With this option, you’ll have an easier time replacing the carpet’s damaged sections. Color is another important factor to consider when shopping for the best carpet for pets.

Some colors and patterns are better at hiding pet hair than others. A dark-colored carpet would be a great choice if your pet has black fur. These carpets are also effective in hiding spills and dirt associated with pets.

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Final thoughts

Pet accidents, as well as wear and tear from pet traffic, can really overwhelm your carpet. As a result, your carpet may not stand the test of time. So, when it comes to buying a new carpet, durability should be your main consideration. You don’t want to replace your carpet often. It can be an expensive affair. This guide will help you choose the best carpet for pets.



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