Beautiful, Luxury Bathtub Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom’s Look and Feel

Beautiful, Luxury Bathtub Ideas to Enhance Your Bathroom’s Look and Feel

Nothing can be more soothing than soaking in a bathtub that looks as awesome as it feels. Unwinding in a tastefully-designed, luxury bathtub after a long, tiring day is incredibly inviting.

And investing in such a tub is one of the effortless ways to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort. If you are looking for luxury bathtub ideas, there are numerous designs out there to draw inspiration from.

In that light, we’ve put together a collection of 30 beautiful, luxurious tubs to get you inspired. Have a look:

Fixtures centered on the wall of the tub
Image Source: Silvia Saez


Beautiful white bathtub with a subtle pedestal
Image Source: 747 Studios


A minimalistic bathroom
Image Source: Vic Nguyen


 This round tub features a slightly curled rim and a defined bottom edge
Image Source: Vic Nguyen


Perfect symmetry, illuminated by a whimsical hanging light arrangement
Image Source: Image Box Studios


Black freestanding bathtub
Image Source: Javier Wainstein


This Cuna tub, by Patricia Urquiola, is braced with a tubular bronze frame for a sense of structure and elegance.
Image Source: Lorenzo Pennati


A glossy bathtub that perfectly completes a bathroom graced with an abundance of natural light
Image Source: Paulo Rosario


Artistic beige bathtub
Image Source:


Modern bathroom
Image Source: Anna Fedyukina


Minimalistic bathroom design
Image Source: Bloomsbury Design


Fiercely beautiful, stark, and eye-catching tub
Image Source: Image Box Studios


Classic slipper style tub
Image Source: Lorenzo Pennati


A tub sharp on the outside, soft and curvaceous inside
Image Source: Image Box Studios


A marble platform that looks luxurious and serves as a functional way to protect a wood floor from the water.
Image Source: Image Box Studios


Matching wall and tub cladding creating a cohesive aesthetic
Image Source: Sofia Zhurko


Dark and sumptuous bathroom
Image Source: Vic Nguyen


A delightful bath with a unique profile that proves eye-catching from any angle.
Image Source: Lyudmila Kalabekova


A minimalist bath
Image Source: Mitaka Dimov


Slightly tilted edges give this tub a playful personality while providing extra support for the back.
Image Source: Image Box Studios


 The scale pattern was once a staple of Art Deco design and here we see it re-imagined in a gorgeous contemporary setting
Image Source: N&M Studio


A bath tub slightly flared at the rim and perfectly smooth all around
Image Source: Assembly Studios


The rounded triangular shape of the tub looks comfortable and invokes a natural sense of tranquility.
Image Source: Carlo Maura


Lush greenery surrounding a recessed outdoor tub
Image Source: Black Box


White tub with smoothly integrated drain covers
Image Source: Emanuele Tortora


The balance of visual weight makes this egg-shaped tub especially exciting to view.
Image Source: Vladimir Nikiforov


Organic, classic, and slightly rustic bathroom decor
Image Source: Lorenzo Pennati


Relaxing tub in the bedroom
Image Source: Vic Nguyen


A delicate balancing tub with intriguing proportions.
Image Source: Kaan Kılıçay


Clean lines for a casual space
Image Source: Eloisa Conti


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