Bathroom Tile Ideas: How to Mix & Match Tiles for a Unique Look

Bathroom Tile Ideas: How to Mix & Match Tiles for a Unique Look

Looking for inspiration on bathroom tile ideas? You can try to mix and match tiles.

When doing a bathroom makeover, using tiles is one of the great ways to accessorize the space. It brings in tone and texture, making your bathroom a unique space. However, having the same tile color and finish can sometimes look boring.  How do you solve this problem?

You can simply mix and match various tones, types, and sizes of tile in the same room. Mixing and matching bathroom tiles is an excellent way to create design layers and develop an interest in the room.

Let’s look at some mix and match bathroom tile ideas that you can adapt for your bathroom.

Mix Same Color Tiles and Different Sizes

If you are looking for timeless bathroom tile ideas, this style could be your best bet. It presents an ever-fresh, timeless look. So, how do you achieve the look?

Use wall and floor tiles in the same color and style throughout the bathroom. However, the tiles should be in different sizes to break up the uniformity. This will give your bathroom design a subtle sense of order and balance that will last a lifetime.

Modern contemporary bathroom
Image Source: krooogle


Interior three piece bathroom.
Image Source: Elenathewise

Balance Large and Small Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking for bathroom tile ideas to give your bathroom an open feel, why not try large format tiles?

Large tiles will not only make your bathroom look more spacious but they will also make the flow of the room more pleasant. Namely, fewer grout lines visually break up the floor, enhancing the length of the room. Then, use small tiles to add a touch of visual interest to your bathroom.

Small tiles matched seamlessly with large format tiles can instantly create a centerpiece to your bathroom. This can be a border tile design that wraps around your bathroom walls or a small tile splash back across the vanity.

Glass Shower box and white ceramic sink in a loft style bathroom.
Image Source: 8meg

Blend Different Finishes

There is no better way to create a heavenly look than by blending modern and timeless vintage tiles in your bathroom. You can use soft light, mid, or dark wood tiles combined with other modern tiles to add a touch of charm and sophistication.

Adding metal wall tiles can create an exceptional look. The contrast between tiles and raw materials can make your room look vibrant and luxurious.

Bathroom with fancy shower
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Wooden wall in shower and grey tiles in new bathroom
Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek

Use Same Color, But Different Shapes

For a simple mix that works in any space, consider using two tile designs in the same solid color. Be sure the shapes are different and allow the grout lines to form the pattern.

For the best effect, you should go for a contrasting shade. For instance, you can pair dark gray grout with white subway tiles and small hexagonal mosaics. If you would prefer bathroom tile arrangements that create subtle interest but the overall look makes less of a statement, then matching grout can work well for you.

Maintain Pattern Consistency

Our, but not the least, of our bathroom tile idea, is to use tiles in different colors and sizes, but maintaining the shape for a harmonious effect. For instance, you can use oblong tiles in two sizes and two colors, with the same brick pattern on all the surfaces. This will create a visual connection between the surfaces.

Minimalist shower separated from bathroom.
Image Source: ostap25


Spacious modern bathroom.
Image Source: ostap25

Final thoughts

Tiles are a practical way to accessorize your bathroom walls and floor. They are water resistant, hard-wearing and look great. However, when every surface is tiled in the same color and finish, your bathroom can look flat and boring. That’s why it is advisable to mix and match tiles in your bathroom. You can draw inspiration from the above mix and match bathroom tile ideas.



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