5 Tips to Grow a Successful Balcony Flower Garden

5 Tips to Grow a Successful Balcony Flower Garden

Do you fancy a beautiful garden but you’re living in an apartment or condo?

If you are blessed with a balcony, you can turn it into a lovely flower garden. While a balcony flower garden has a number of limitations, it is much better than none.

In this article, we share with you some valuable tips to establish a blooming balcony garden and make it your little retreat.

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Let’s get to it.

Consider the Amount of Space

Space is one of the important things to consider when it comes to growing a balcony flower garden.

Generally, smaller plants that don’t occupy much of the horizontal space are the best option for balcony gardens. In fact, you should focus on growing climbing plants as they occupy more of the vertical space than horizontal space.

But if you have sufficient space in your balcony, you can also plant shrubs in pots.

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Be Mindful of The Brightness

Before you choose the flowers for your balcony garden, consider your balcony’s exposure to the sun. If the balcony is larger with a lot of exposure to the sun, shrubs would be a great choice for you.

But if the balcony is somewhat shady, consider going for green plants such as ferns and ivies. Vines such as jasmine, honeysuckles, and clematis can also be great choices depending on your climate.

Blooming flowers in the balcony boxes
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Use The Right Soil and Containers

Besides considering the appearance of the containers for your balcony flower garden, you should also consider the materials they are made of as well as their drainage.

Containers made of porous materials like terra cotta are normally the best when it comes to drainage. It is even better if the pots have drainage holes, which help to avert root rot and over-watering.

It is advisable to put saucers under the drainage holes to prevent water from running onto your court. You also don’t want water to spill down off your balcony to your neighbor’s.

It is also imperative that you invest in potting soil that is suitable for the plants you plan to grow. But you can just go for an all-purpose mix as it works well for most plants. The most important thing is to start your plants off right if you are looking to have healthy foliage and blooms.

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Take into Account The Seasonality of The Plants

Want to have a blooming balcony flower garden all year round?

You can achieve that by choosing plants that blossom at different times of the year. Purchase annuals for every season and get rid of them once their blooming period is over.

Also, keep perennials that bloom in different periods.

Traditional European Balcony with colorful flowers and flowerpots
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Take Flower Colors into Account

Avoid using plants with more than 3 different colors. You don’t want your balcony to look over-cluttered. You want your balcony to radiate a balanced, airy aura.

It is advisable to choose a color palette with different shades of the same color. This option will deliver a more charming view. Using complementary colors is another great option with striking results.  

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Before we conclude, let’s look at some of the best flowers for balcony garden to consider growing.

Best Flowers for Balcony Garden

When it comes to choosing the best flowers for balcony garden you should go for those that are beautiful and easy to grow and maintain. The following flowers are not only easy to grow but also bloom prolifically in small spaces like balcony:

  • Petunia grows quickly and its flowers will adorn your balcony in pink, purple, red, white, or violet robes. This flower requires fertilizer and sun to grow. And it thrives in containers and hanging baskets.
Various petunia flowers in a garden
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  • Begonia boasts gorgeous flowers of pink, red, orange, white, and golden colors. The flowers also have beautiful, thick heart-shaped leaves. They require moist and fertile soil and are a great choice for shady balconies.
Close up begonia flower in the garden
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  • Geranium is easy to grow and boasts a lovely smell. Give it plenty of water and sunlight and it will reward you with vibrant flowers of white, purple, pink, or red flowers. Geranium is available in both annual and perennial varieties.
Pink flowers
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  • Pansy is loved mostly for its velvety luster, delicate scent, rich colors, and unique look. Pansies are versatile and can be grown in the window boxes, in large pots, and in hanging baskets. They thrive in fertile, humus, neutral or a little acidic soil. They love being in the sun.
 Purple, red and yellow pansy flowers
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  • Fuchsia is available in hundreds of varieties, which vary in shape, size, and color of flowers. They have a fascinating look, thanks to their delicate stem that hangs down with flowers lilting in the wind. The flowers are normally in shades of purple, pink, orange, red, and white. Fuchsias thrive in fertile, moist soil.
Dark Eyes Fuchsia Michiels in a hanging basket over a doorway.
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Dark Eyes Fuchsia Michiels in a hanging basket over a doorway.
Image Source: Barbara

Final thoughts

If you are not blessed with land on which to grow a flower garden, balcony gardening is a great option for you. A balcony flower garden can be an awesome retreat if it is less than 5 feet by 8 feet. And all you need to create one is the right containers, the right soil, and the right flowers based on the season and your balcony’s exposure to the sun.



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