Create an Awesome Home Bar in these 3 Simple Steps

Create an Awesome Home Bar in these 3 Simple Steps

Creating a home bar can add to the value, functionality, and aesthetics of your home. It is a foolproof way to add a refined and charming quality to your living space, family room, or dining room. In fact, home bars, and their accompanying accessories, normally have a magnitude of character to them. This is borne out of their size, elegance, and role in social events.

A home bar typically features storage cabinets, bottle and stemware racks, as well as several utility organizers to make entertaining guests all the more easy for you. While there are ready-made bars available on the market, you can easily build your own home bar.

All you need is a little know-how, which is outlined in the following 3 steps:

Home bar counter in luxurious house
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Select a Proper Space

While you can choose any space for your home bar, an unutilized closet or an existing built-in alcove are excellent spaces to create a bar in an already existing room. These kinds of home bars are a great way to maximize space that may otherwise not be getting utilized to its full potential. They also help from taking away space from walkways or seating areas.

If you are limited on counter space or built-ins, you can purchase a bar cart for storage. Besides being an excellent way to entertain without interfering with your space, this cart also provides the convenience of being on wheels.

Modern living room with modern bar style.
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Kitchen with bar counter
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Choose Home Bar Accessories

Once you’ve designated a good space for your bar, you should decide what it will contain. Here are some suggestions:

Bar Stools

Comfortable seating is essential in a home bar. While you can opt to use ordinary everyday chairs, bar stools are the perfect choice for the environment. They also contribute significantly to the overall look and feel of the space.

Three leather saddles with wooden base in front of metal decorate counter bar on concrete floor
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Bar Tool Set

From martini shakers to ice buckets, it is advisable to invest in a solid bar tool set instead of buying every tool individually. This is not only a cheaper option but it also ensures all your tools match.

You may have no idea how to use some of the gadgets, but just their presence will give your home bar an impressive look.

Set of Cocktail Bar utensils and vessels
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A proper home bar should have the right types of glasses to make taking any drink enjoyable. So, build up your glassware collection with various styles for every beverage – from beer mugs to red wine glasses, to champagne flutes. What if you don’t have adequate storage space for multiple sets of glasses?

You can purchase just a few of each glass style individually. This will ensure that you have something for every drink you are serving.

Set of classic cocktail glasses
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Knife and Cutting Board

Your guests should feel like they are drinking at a refined bar by adding a lime or lemon wedge to the side of their drink. So, ensure you have a mini-cutting board and knife specifically designed for chopping garnishes.

Sliced lemon on the Board with leaves
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Decide on the Décor

A good home bar should present a great ambiance. So, add some character to your space by incorporating some fascinating decorations.


Choose overhead lighting that provides sufficient light to move around with ease while not blinding.

Beautiful bar at a house
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Make your home bar pop by adding a cool sign that directs your guests to the party location. A plug-in classic, LED sign can be a great choice.

Bar neon sign on brick wall background
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Wine Corks

You can repurpose your leftover wine corks as they’re an exciting way to decorate the area.

Autumn decor
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Cocktail napkins and coasters:

You need to ensure the rest of your furniture is protected, especially when you are hosting a sizable number of guests. You can achieve this by providing your guests with some chic napkins and coasters.

Serving of aperol spritz cocktail with ice garnished with mint leaves and orange rind on a folded napkin on an old wooden counter in a bar or club
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Final Thoughts

There is no better way to show you are a fully grown adult than by having a well-stocked bar in your home. Drinking sprees around the city with buddies is always fun, but having a bar within the comfort of your home has an exceptional charm. It is also one of the great ways to add value, functionality, and elegance to your home. By following the above simple tips, you will be well on your way to having your own awesome watering hole at home.





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