Apartment with a Public Zone Designed for Maximum Interaction

Apartment with a Public Zone Designed for Maximum Interaction

Looking for a home design suitable for a young professional woman? Then you might want to look at this modern apartment located in Kiev.

Designed by 33BY, the home is divided into two distinct areas. The first area is the entertainment/guest zone. This area houses the lounge, guest bathroom, and kitchen diner.

The second area is the private/bedroom zone, which comprises a master bedroom and two bedrooms. In this article, we take you around the house so you can experience the luxury and also get inspired. Images are courtesy of Oleg Stelmah.

Let’s dive in.

The Open Plan Guest Zone

Standing in the kitchen, looking over the breakfast bar, you get a clear view of the dining room on the right and the lounge on the left. Each space presents a selection of striking accent pieces.

Plant in kitchen overlooking the dining room and living room
Image Source: 33 BY

Every piece features a different shade. However, the entire scheme looks unified. You can credit that to a common vibrancy of shade. The sufficient space around each piece also contributes to the harmonious look.

The walls, furniture, and floors are largely decorated in dark wood tone. So you would expect the space to look dark. But that’s not the case.

The deep grain, together with creatively placed colors, simply creates a balance. Add pale pastel painted walls to the scheme and you get an airy and spacious looking area.

A sizable piece of multi-colored wall art, mounted above a green sofa, complements the nearby blue bar stools. The living room floor features a geometric patterned area rug. The rug demarcates the sitting area and it almost touches the tiles in the kitchen, which bear a contrasting design.

Living room decor
Image Source: 33 BY


Green sofa in living room interior
Image Source: 33 BY

The surrounding smooth wooden floor ensures the tile and rug combination doesn’t look too busy. Over a breakfast bar, just behind the couch, is a set of pendant lights in various colors. The lights hang at different heights.

Stepping into the dining space, you can’t fail to notice its sophisticated aura. The upholstered dining chairs and curtains feature a deep blend of plum and teal, respectively. Conversely, the light fittings have a copper finish.

Your eyes can’t miss the monochrome art print on the powdery pink wall. With a pink wall, you can’t get nice projected images. So, we have white on the projection wall.

Modern dining room
Image Source: 33 BY


Colorful lamps above kitchen island
Image Source: 33 BY

The long entertainment console, below the projection screen, looks radiant thanks to the bright yellow top. At the far end, a set of built-in grey storage cabinets and drawers cover the entire length of the wall.

When you’re busy preparing food in the kitchen you can’t miss out on what is being watched on the projection screen. It suffices to say that the entertaining/guest zone is designed for maximum interaction.

Behind the sofa is a dividing wall that forms a hallway. The dividing wall also has a built-in shelving unit. You can display your favorite books and other valuable stuff here. The kitchen’s easy-to-clean tiles extend to the hallway. So you don’t have to worry about using the hallway as a food prep zone or a heavy foot traffic area

Artistic apartment
Image Source: 33 BY


Hallway decor
Image Source: 33 BY


Wall-mounted plant stand
Image Source: 33 BY

You can display a wide selection of houseplants in the wall-mounted plant stand that rises up to the ceiling. With all the houseplants in a central place, you can easily take care of them.

In the kitchen, the oven is incorporated into the tall units.  The small amount of counter space ensures you have a safe place to put your hot items. Several walls units complete the design with a few extra overhead storage space.

Closing the space between kitchen wall cabinets and the ceiling is a selection of small display shelves. But why is the kitchen sink set against the black wall?

It could have been set on the central breakfast bar, but you don’t want water to splash on the nearby sofa. A vibrant planter and a rustic trough adorn the bar countertop.

Wooden kitchen elements
Image Source: 33 BY


Kitchen interior
Image Source: 33 BY

Shall we now explore the private zone?

The Private Zone

In the master bedroom, you can see a predominant blend of purple and pink. The shades of purple on the headboard, console unit, cushion, and exit door would look overpowering. But the pastel pink, white, and walnut ensures that doesn’t happen.

Pink and purple bedroom
Image Source: 33 BY


Closet with glass doors in pink bedroom
Image Source: 33 BY

A splash of green in the bed throw complements a lively green houseplant. The sunshine colored planter that holds the houseplant, in turn, matches the yellow tones from the wall art. A bedside drum table, sporting a stenciled tropical design, also features greenery décor.

You can see a wide array of clothes through the transparent walls of the walk-in closet. Moving into the guest bathroom, you can see right away that the tiles are the same as those in the kitchen.

Another remarkable feature int the guest bathroom is the turquoise walls. Nonetheless, the master bathroom looks more charming.

Bathroom interior
Image Source: 33 BY


Wooden elements in bathroorm decor
Image Source: 33 BY


Bathroom with turquoise walls
Image Source: 33 BY



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