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There are many aspiring homeowners out there who don’t have an idea where to start. Others are planning to breathe new life into their old homes, but they don’t know what design to adopt for their home remodelling. So, besides trying to feed my insatiable love for cool house designs, I was also trying to provide some inspiration to such homeowners.

Would you believe Great Idea Hub started as just a simple site for collecting and showcasing world-class architectural designs around the globe? Who doesn’t love beautifully and tastefully designed houses, anyway?

My site’s stated promise was to provide our audience with ideas for the best house designs, and tips geared to help them achieve the best value for their homes. Then I realized that the world of house designs is expansive. It spans across interior design, landscaping and gardening, home appliances and furniture, and much more.

And homeowners are always looking for inspiration and ideas on all of these. Then I thought why not provide it?

That’s how the thought of converting the simple site into a blog became alive. And Great Idea Hub was born. Today, Great Idea Hub is an established blog with a slightly different name, but the proven reputation for delivering a one-of-a-kind, inspirational content still remains.

The blog is a one-stop-shop for ideas and know-how on home designs, interior décor, home furnishing, home remodelling, landscaping and gardening, and much more. It features unique, inspirational, and educative content.

I take the concept of value very seriously. And by value, I mean great content for my great audience. I understand that you need ideas that satisfy your specific needs effectively. Whether you are looking for unique ideas, budget-friendly ideas, decor ideas for special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties, or DIY ideas, Great Idea Hub has everything to get you inspired.

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Meet the founder

Angica Dumova - Bocevska

Angica Dumova – Bocevska

Founder + Executive Editor

Working as a Business Analyst for IKEA in Sweden, Angica has , on a daily basis, been exposed to and in relationship with design and design principles. The need to express herself gave birth to Great Idea Hub, a place that is a home to great ideas in the area of home design, architecture and decoration.

Angica favours Scandinavian design and minimalistic design. She is convinced that good design is based on uniqueness and courage. If you want to get in touch, you can do it here.

Meet the team

Georgina Trajkovska

Georgina Trajkovska

Marketing Director

As an experienced Marketing and PR specialist, Georgina is constantly connected with design and concepts development.Her curiosity bring her to explore more about home design, architecture and decor, which became her passion.

Being passionate in home design, décor and architecture, Georgina is always on top of what’s coming next. Her all-time favourite setup is rustic elements in minimalist environment. Design is everything, so just click here and share some awesome ideas.

Marina Tanevska

Marina Tanevska


Marina is a contributor, whose interest and passion for interior design turned from a hobby to an everyday activity. She is creative and believes that just like in fashion, you should always add a touch of your personal style in your home décor.

Marina likes unique interiors, but mostly favours implementing bohemian elements in an urban modern setting. If you want to get in touch with her, you can do it here.