9 Awesome Coffee Mugs That Offer a Thrilling Drinking Experience

9 Awesome Coffee Mugs That Offer a Thrilling Drinking Experience

Awesome coffee mugs enhance the coffee drinking experience. If drinking coffee makes you happy, drinking it from an awesome mug makes you happier.
There are so many fascinating coffee mug designs to choose from. Each design has its own special features. We present you a list of some of the most awesome and unique coffee mugs you can find.

Hipster cup of coffee over a book
Image Source: bonninturina

Edible Mug

Designed by Enrique Luis Sardi, this eco-friendly mug is made entirely out of pastry. It is covered with a special icing sugar, which serves as an insulator and makes it liquid-proof. After enjoying your coffee, you can eat the mug as well.

Edible coffee mug
Image Source: Pinterest

The Pessimist Mug

These are really awesome coffee mugs. They bear the message “this glass is now half empty”. This serves to remind you that it’s pointless to be pessimistic. The subtle humor delivers the powerful message incredibly well.

Coffee mug
Image Source: Firebox


Gun Mug

If you love movie stars who say “Get Down”, then this coffee mug will tickle your fancy. In fact, any action movie enthusiast will find it quite interesting.
The mug features an arm that resembles the trigger of a gun. While it doesn’t come with practical features, this coffee mug is just awe-inspiring.

Coffee mug with gun handle
Image Source: Amazon

The Awesome Coffee “Dunk Cups”

These are another kind of uniquely awesome coffee mugs you can find on the market today. Furthermore, dunk cups feature small compartments near the bottom. This compartment is spacious enough to hold several biscuits. Anytime you feel like munching some biscuits with coffee, you’ve got a convenient place to keep them.

Dunk cups
Image Source: Etsy

Music Mug

This cool mug allows you to enjoy your favorite music and coffee at the same time. The cup has a small speaker installed at its bottom. The speaker produces some visible sound waves in your beverage. It also has touch controls for music playback and volume.

Music mugs
Image Source: Alibaba

Mood Mug

What mood are you in today? Express it with a mood mug.
Mood Mugs are a selection of insulated porcelain coffee mugs with funny facial expressions designed to show your mood: stressed, happy, moody, tired or flirty.
Didn’t get enough sleep after compiling that financial report all night? There’s no better way to let your colleagues know!

Awesome coffee mugs
Image Source: Annibell82
Smiley coffee mug on wood background
Image Source: coffeekai

Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug

Coffee is a strong drink. Hence, it should be taken from a container that exhibits its strength, right?
These coffee mugs feature arms that are shaped like brass knuckles. They are a perfect sidekick for a beverage that packs a punch. They look pretty cool.

A cup with a handle in the form of brass knuckles on white background
Image Source: lighthousestock

Ceramic Wine Mug

That’s right – there’s also awesome coffee mugs designed to excite alcohol lovers. The mugs are shaped like a wine glass. They serve as a humorous reminder for all those drinking sprees. The witty play of irony itself can give you a great boost in the morning.

Wine mug
Image Source: Smallidea

Tag Cup

Want to add a splash of color to your beverage? You can get these tag cups. In conclusion they feature colorful silicone sleeves that ensure your hands are safe from the heat.

Two white containers for coffee or hot drinks with blue and green thermo sleeves and lids beside them
Image Source: Branislav

Final Thoughts

Awesome coffee mugs enhance your drinking experience. Most of all, they provide a feeling of thrill when you are enjoying your cup of hot refreshing coffee. There is a wide selection of designs to choose from, and we have sampled the best of them. So pick one and take your drinking to the next level.



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