7 Vibrant Wall Colors to Bring spring into your home

7 Vibrant Wall Colors to Bring spring into your home

Hearing the birds sing and seeing the flowers bloom can only mean one thing. Spring is finally here!

Are you excited, and looking for inspiration on how to bring some brightness and ambiance of the season to your home?

There are numerous ways to accomplish that. You can bring in cut flowers, replace the artwork, re-arrange the furniture, and much more. But changing up your wall color is perhaps the most effective way to bring spring into your home.

Young woman painting interior wall with paint roller in new house
Image Source: Kittiphan

In fact, adding a fresh coat of paint color is an excellent way to brighten up a space. And if you don’t know what colors to go for, here are some suggestions to get you inspired.

Deep Turquoise

Turquoise is becoming increasingly popular each day, with everything from jewelry to home furnishing and clothing to wall color.

This attention-grabbing blend of blueish-green can effectively add a majestic backdrop in any space. It is versatile. That means it can work well in any home as well as with other shades such as red-orange and gold.

Turquoise walls in modern bathroom
Image Source: HGTV


If you are looking to add a fascinating color to your room, this soft green hue would be a perfect bet. You can pair sage with other earth tones such as rustic reds and light browns for a striking look. The subtle shades of green are enriched by light in a natural way.

Lovely green living room with built-in bookshelves, crown molding and a wood burning fireplace.
Image Source: riana Shiyan


 Lovely green living room with built-in bookshelves, crown molding and a wood burning fireplace.
Image Source: riana Shiyan

Stone White

You may want to brighten your room but don’t want to paint it plain white. In that case, stone white can be a perfect option for you. You know why?

Stone white is effective in toning down the shades in a room without entirely eliminating the color. It looks so much like classic white. And it can give your space a serene tranquility when combined with any color.

Patterned pouf and grey armchair on striped carpet in living room interior with lamp and posters
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Beautiful modern interior with sofa
Image Source: Roman King

Poised Taupe

Taupe is a common color in fashion and home decorating magazines. This interesting blend of gray and brown is a neutral shade easily paired with various accents.

It especially works great with white. If you want to give your room a bold and elegant pop, you can bet on this dynamic combination.

Poised taupe walls in home hallway
Image Source: Ida York Interior Design


Luxury bathroom with taupe walls
Image Source: housebeautiful


You’ll agree that light can be troublesome in the morning, especially in the kitchen. Painting your kitchen marigold color can help solve this problem. Namely, the sunny hues of marigold will enhance the effects of natural lighting in your kitchen.

The mustard yellow color borders orange and yellow depending on the kind of lighting in a room. This is a great trait when used wisely. You can pair marigold with soft shades of reds for a more striking effect.

Modern kitchen decor
Image Source: Pinterest

Olive Green

If you want to create a more restrained look in your room, you can’t go wrong with olive green. This verdant shade is effective in creating a sophisticated aura when paired with a neutral trim.

It’s also worth that Olive green is ideal for libraries, dens, and meeting rooms, thanks to its dark nature.

Interior of modern living room
Image Source: Vadim Andrushchenko

Blue Dusk

Blow the minds of your guests away by adding this gorgeous periwinkle-blue blend to your home. Adding this cool shade to your hallways is an excellent way to ease transitions between various rooms in your house.

Interior with armchair
Image Source: poligonchik


Beautiful bedroom with dusk blue walls
Image Source: Pinterest

Final thoughts

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings. It is when the blooms that have slept all through the icy winter begin to blossom again. And what better way to welcome the season than with a new coat of paint on your walls?

A fresh wall color can make a dramatic difference in brightening and freshening up a space. And there are numerous colors to help you accomplish that. Colors like turquoise, sage, stone white, dusk blue, olive, marigold, and taupe are great options when it comes to bringing spring into your home.




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