7 DIY Wall Art Ideas to Liven Up Your Room

7 DIY Wall Art Ideas to Liven Up Your Room

Blank walls can be very boring. But all it takes is a simple facelift to turn them from bland to fascinating. One of the easiest ways to add interest to your walls is by using wall art.

Wall art adds a different aspect to any room. They also add life and perspective to your décor.  And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best wall art for your home. You can make them on your own.

In that light, we present you 7 creative wall art ideas that you can adapt for your home. Let’s dive in.

Lips From Pallet Wall Art

Looking for cool wall art ideas for your teenage girl?

You can’t go wrong with this incredible painted red lips made from wooden pallets. Nonetheless, the wall art can work great for any room.

Lips made from pallete
Image Source: Cgtrader

Yarn Wall Hanging

This is another striking wall art. It is also easy to make. Simply tie different colored yarn strands onto a large branch. The result will be a modern and rustic-looking wall hanger.

Hanging wall art made from yarn
Image Source: DIYs


Yarn Wall Hanging
Image Source: HGTV

Hexagon Mosaic Wall Art

This hexagon mosaic wall art will be an eye-catching piece in any room, thanks to the impressive use of metallics.

All you need for this DIY wall art are a paper punch, a canvas, glue, and colored wallpapers of your choice. It is very easy to make and any art enthusiast would love it as a gift.

Hexagon wall art
Image Source: Taradennis

Paper Cut-Outs

The only thing you need to do to end up with such a striking wall art is to cut nature-inspired patterns into the upper layer of paper. Then, layer the patterns on top of another color paper for an impressive 3D effect.

 Paper yellow butterflies
Image Source: Africa Studio

Oversized Photo Portraits

Larger than life, expressive portraits are effective in adding personality to an otherwise scantily decorated space. But how do you achieve the look?

Use a photo editing app to make your photos black and white and get rid of the background. Once you’re satisfied with the look, order engineering prints of the photos from a local print shop. To get a look similar to the frameless photos above, ask your printer to mount the prints to a foam core.

Large printed photo portrait used as wall art
Image Source: Little Icons

Clipboard Wall Art

This unique wall art idea is a great alternative to displaying photos, posters, or quotes in simple frames around your home. You get various kinds of trendy clipboards in a variety of patterns and materials for a fascinating effect on your walls.

Clipboard Wall Art
Image Source: Joann

Framed Calendar Pages

Simply frame the attractive pages of previous years’ calendars and hang them up in grid formation for a cool travel-inspired wall art.

Framed calendar pages used as wall decor
Image Source: Mod Circus

Final thoughts

Wall art is one of the easiest ways to change the theme of your space. They are also an excellent way to add personality to your room. But wall arts can be expensive. Fortunately, you can make your own pieces by drawing inspiration from the above DIY wall art ideas.







Little Icons


Mod Circus

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