5 Things That Make Velvet The King of Fabrics

5 Things That Make Velvet The King of Fabrics

If you want a versatile and practical fabric to use in your home, you can’t go wrong with velvet.

Velvet use can be traced back to 2000 BC. But its use was restricted to the royal and rich class as it was an expensive material. It was only after the industrial revolution that velvet fabric was made affordable to the common man.

Velvet is used in a wide range of ways. It has long been a go-to fabric for creating a classy look. From embellishing attires to making upholstery to decorating spaces, velvet has added regality and luxury to whatever use it has been put to.

In this article, we look at 5 great things about velvet, which make it the king of fabrics.

Beautiful living room decor
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It’s Incredibly Versatile

No fabric beats velvet when it comes to radiating luxury. Given that it is available in a variety of forms, ranging from large pieces like an upholstered bed to small options such as throw pillows, velvet is adaptable for any use.

Moreover, this fabric transcends trends and styles gorgeously. Thanks to its luminous sheen, it is especially perfect for a glamorous room. However, it can equally work well in relaxed or modern spaces. The pillows shown on the bed below are some of the best pillow for dust mite allergy

Grey velvet upholstered bed
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Velvet pillows
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It is Built To Last

Many people believe that velvet is a high-maintenance fabric. But the truth is that the fabric isn’t all that delicate. It can last for years if properly cared for. Even if your living room is a high-traffic area, a velvet sectional is a practical option that will stand the test of time beautifully.

Beautiful velvet sofa
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When you sit on a velvet piece, the pile normally ruffles up. These marks may not be pleasant to you, but you have nothing to worry about. Over time, the pile will revert to its original state. You even can smooth it out with a gentle steaming.

Velvet is Easy to Clean

There’s no simpler way to clean velvet than by adding it to your regular cleaning routine. If you have not had any experience with carpet cleaning company from Manchester? you got to try them out as they know how to clean your carpet perfectly and run the hand-held nozzle on your velvet pieces. This will clear dirt that could be trapped in the pile.

When it comes to cleaning spills, velvet is normally treated with stain repellents. Gently dab the liquid up with a slightly wet towel. It can be difficult to clear the stain once it has dried since velvet can be made with a variety of yarn. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer about the best way to handle the situation.

It Can Be Lightened Up

Marble coffee table
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Purple velvet sofa
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Velvet is often associated with richer colors as well as with darker, more decadent spaces. While it is certainly vibrant in this color scheme, velvets in softer shades are equally charming. For example, you can pair a pastel-purple sofa with other springy tones for a look that feels bright and awesomely fresh.

Velvet is Not all About Glamour

While velvet is used largely in adding a touch of glamour to spaces, it can work just as well in palette-cleansing, masculine space.

Modern living room decor
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Final thoughts

Velvet is a fabulous fabric that has an instantly recognized charm. It is effective in adding a sense of luxury to whatever item or space on which it is used. It is also known for coming in a variety of alluring colors that can brighten up any room. It is no wonder that velvet remains a popular fabric choice for beautifying attire and upholstering furniture.

Velvet ottoman used as a coffee table
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