Makeup Storage: Organize Your Makeup Perfectly in 5 Simple Steps

Makeup Storage: Organize Your Makeup Perfectly in 5 Simple Steps

Makeup is an integral component of our daily lives. So, it’s important to invest in proper makeup storage to ensure ease of access. However, many women don’t really recognize the importance of proper makeup storage until they experience an inconvenience that costs them dearly, such as being late for a crucial event simply because they couldn’t find their lip gloss.

So, how do you avoid such nasty experiences and inconveniences? Just keep your makeup kit organized. In fact, organizing your makeup kit not only prevents loss and frustration but also protects your collection against damage.

In the light of that, we present you 5 simple steps geared towards a perfectly organized makeup storage system.

Step 1: Gather Your Makeup Collection in One Place

The first step towards a neatly organized makeup storage kit is to collect all of your makeup in one place. Perhaps you are one of those women with several bags of makeup scattered around the bathroom, bedroom, and purse.

When you have your makeup collection scattered around the house, it can be difficult to know exactly where particular makeup is when you need it. Once you’ve gathered all of your collection in one place, then it’s time to embark on the actual organization process.

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Step 2: Organize Your Collection into Types

In order to perfectly organize your makeup storage, it is imperative that you separate all of the pieces into different categories. Namely, the foundation should be put together with other foundation, and mascara with other mascara.

Why is this important?

  • It allows you to take a quick glance at your entire collection, so you know what you have plenty of and what you need to stock up on.
  • It makes finding exactly what you need at anytime quick and easy. If you’re looking for your eyeliner then you don’t have to rummage a pile of other makeup types before you find it.
  • It makes it easier to identify which make up is or will be expired.
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Step 3: Separate Makeup Types into Categories

After sorting your collection into various categories, it is advisable to separate those categories even further. Once you have put all your lipsticks in one place, consider sorting that collection further into different shades. You can even categorize them according to prices – separating swanky makeup from cheaper types.

The aim of this step is to separate each category in a way that you will find useful. If you own a wide range of nail polish shades and colors, for instance, you may find it most useful to organize them from lightest to darkest. Likewise, if you prefer only blue nail polish you may want to arrange your nail polish from the most to the least expensive.


Step 4: Find an Appropriate Makeup Storage Location

The worst makeup storage mistake you can make is to lump back your collection together after going through the above steps. So how do you ensure proper storage of your makeup?

You can buy specialty makeup storage units, which allow you to keep various categories of makeup differently from each other and then to further separate each category. This is an excellent way to keep everything organized.

Alternatively, you can keep all the various categories of your makeup in small pouches that keep them neat and separate from each other. Another brilliant makeup storage idea is to place each category on a different part of your dressing table. The choice of makeup storage all boils down to your personal preference and creativity.

Step 5: Keep Everything Organized

If you diligently follow the first four steps, your makeup collection will be perfectly organized. However, you can easily revert to your bad habits. So, it is imperative that you maintain the neatness and order of your makeup collection even though you use your makeup every day. Simply make sure that various types of makeup don’t get mixed up and always discard empty makeup containers.

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Final Thoughts

Makeup is essential for your everyday use. For ease of access to your makeup, it is advisable to keep your collection well organized. You can achieve that by following the above 5 steps to a perfectly organized makeup storage kit.

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