5 Crazy Cool Shelves That Offer Fancy Living Room Storage

5 Crazy Cool Shelves That Offer Fancy Living Room Storage

Cool shelves are an excellent way to decorate your living room. They not only help you reduce the clutter, they will also give your walls an elegant look.

If you can’t make up your mind on what living room shelf designs to go for, we’ve got something to inspire you. These five brilliant, cool shelves will help you design the perfect living storage. Choose one that blends the best with your space to give your living room walls a fresh and chic look.

Empty blue living room with shelf and floor plant
Image Source: Archideaphoto

Contemporary Black Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can’t miss on our list of cool shelves, thus they’re a great decorative piece for your walls. They are normally designed to give your home interior a sleek and organized look, and can fit perfectly in any room.

So, you can count on them to not only decorate your living room. They will also enhance the overall aesthetics of your home interior.  But which is the best choice of floating shelf?

If you can’t have anything short of cool shelves, then the sophisticated and artistic design of these modern floating shelves will tickle your fancy. As a result, they’ll create a contemporary and stylish look of your living room walls.

Ladder Shelves Help You Maximize Space

Looking to add some eye-catching freestanding storage in your Scandinavian-style living room? Nothing can beat a ladder shelf in offering the perfect solution.

This ladder shelf features a simple and elegant design. What’s more, it is unobtrusive, thanks to its angled shape.

Modern black and white loft with commode, table, chair and plants
Image source: Photographee.eu


Pear green chair and yellow pillow on beige sofa in cozy room, with accessories on wooden shelf in addition
Image source: Photographee.eu

You can draw some inspiration from the living room pictures above. A pair of ladder shelves is tucked into a corner, offering a handy storage feature. Furthermore, these cool shelves don’t block the natural light from the window.

Flashbone Bookshelf

Number three of our cool shelves is a creative, modular, flexible set of bookshelves. However, you can rotate this set of shelves in any way you like. Namely, it is designed to hold books from any angle. It is ideal for a contemporary Scandinavian style interior. So, if that’s the style of your living room, here’s something to make it look more wonderful.

Cool shelves design
Image Source: Home designing


Contemporary shelves designs
Image Source: Home designing

Cool shelves a.k.a “Under-the-stair”

Do you live in a house with a restricted size of a living room? If yes, then you probably understand how hard it can be to arrange such a living room. Furthermore, it is even worse if the room has stairs.

Namely, staircase walls are extremely challenging to deal with. If you decide to hang framed photos, lining them up would be a challenge. If you opt to paint the wall, the color may not blend well at all levels. So, what do you do with them?

Simply create more storage space. And there’s no better way to do that than installing some cool  shelves under the stairs.

Under Stairs Home Office In Contemporary Family Home
Image Source: Monkey Business

Rustic Woody Shelf

Want to add some rustic warmth and style to your living room? This rustic mountain shelf can quickly refresh the decor in your living room.

These kinds of cool shelves are ideal for cottage interior style living rooms. As a result, they could also work well with an industrial interior, thanks to their wire backing.

Triangle wooden shelf with paper animals
Image Source: RobertNyholm


Stylish black and white nordic style open space apartment and spacious living room with beige sofa and triangle shelves
Image source: Photographee.eu

Final Thoughts

Shelves help resolve a lot of storage problems. They are the answer to: “How do I de-clutter?” or “Where do I keep stuff?” Besides, they also provide an additional design element, which can actually take your living room decor to the next level. There may be numerous designs of shelves out there, but few, if not none, can beat these five cool shelves.



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