A 45-meter square Apartment With a Glass-separated Bedroom

A 45-meter square Apartment With a Glass-separated Bedroom

A client approached MARTIN architects with simple instructions. The client wanted a contemporary apartment for use as a rental property. The apartment would be functional and versatile. It had to be visually appealing to the people that would wish to rent it out.

The result, this compact apartment located in Kiev. The apartment covers about 484-square feet. Each essential function has its own designated space.

Nonetheless, it remains light and open, thanks to the open floor plan.  Large windows bathe the interior with tons of natural light.

Beautiful flowers on coffee table
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan

Let’s have a detailed look at what’s inside this little gem.


The apartment features a living room, a dining space, a kitchen, a shower room, and storage areas. All these spaces have been incorporated without interfering with overall design layout. The bedroom is set behind a black-framed glass enclosure.

The glass partition ensures no clear boundaries are created even when they are necessary. The overall color scheme of the apartment is developed on the contrast of natural shades: black and gray, coniferous and brown.

The Living Area

Stepping into the house, you are greeted by a light brick wall that runs from the kitchen to the living room. Full-length windows play an integral role in filling the room with natural light and space.

Modern living room
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Glass wall behind a brown leather sofa in living room
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Modern living room decor items
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan

The living room, just as the other rooms in the apartment, largely features natural materials. These include wooden furniture, wooden flooring, and the sofa’s leather upholstery. There’s some greenery to bring nature into the space.

Next to the living room, we have the kitchen space. Let’s see what we have here.

The Kitchen

The white from the living room extends into the kitchen as evidenced by the white cabinetry. Besides providing storage, the cabinetry also conceals the fridge.

The glass backsplash not only protects the brick but also enriches the unified look. Away from the kitchen, we have the dining space on the opposite wall. The door to the left opens to a backyard where you’d find the pool with glass pool fences around it to make it childproof. 

White brick wall in interior
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


White kitchen
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Bottles of wine on kitchen countertop
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan

The Dining Space

At the dining area, a deep teal blue accent wall blends in with the storage closet. The wood furniture adds a natural feel, while the black dining chairs complement the bedroom’s black-framed glass wall.

Next to the dining space and behind the living room, we have the bedroom. Let’s step inside and have a look.

Dining area
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Table set for dinner
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Dining room table and part of the kitchen
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Modern dining area
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan

The Bedroom

Black-framed glass walls separate the bedroom from the rest of the rooms. The glass walls allow the natural light from the windows to flood the entire apartment.  At night, you can draw the blinds and curtains to get the much-needed privacy.

The deep teal accent wall can’t go unmentioned. It provides an awesome backdrop for the piece of art and bed.

Bedroom interior with blue wall, portrait pictures and monstera plant
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Glass wall dividing the living room and bedroom
Image Source: Sachin Mahajan


Resources & Credits:

Sachin Mahajan (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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