4 Hottest Christmas Decoration Trends for 2017 – Make This Holiday Memorable

4 Hottest Christmas Decoration Trends for 2017 – Make This Holiday Memorable

Christmas is fast approaching and who wouldn’t love a home that’s tastefully decorated for the festivities? The actual Christmas decoration process may not be exciting but once the job is done, you will love it. But where do you start?

Christmas tree in the room near the fireplace, the Christmas mood with gifts
Image Source: Ruslan Salikhov

If you’re are wondering how to decorate your home for Christmas this year and make it stand out from the rest, we’ll share with you some of the best Christmas decoration trends to inspire you.

While you have the freedom to choose any Christmas decoration ideas that you like, you shouldn’t forget that there are several things to consider when choosing the most suitable Christmas décor for your home. It’s advisable to go for ideas that are easy to implement and don’t require much time and money.

Likewise, you should adopt Christmas decoration trends that blend in well with the design of your home. That said, let’s look at some of the top Christmas décor trends you can adopt this year:

Ceiling Decoration

Many homeowners ignore the ceiling when decorating their homes for the holidays. You should realize, however, that ceilings are one of the features that attract attention in a house. So, how can you decorate your ceiling for Christmas?

 A pink sofa and a big Christmas tree with toys, spheres, garlands and gifts.
Image Source: Maria Balguchova

You can use various decorative items and ornaments. These include Christmas balls, natural/artificial flowers, and bells, which you can hang in the ceiling to make it attractive. You should use the chandelier to hang the items. A stick can also do a wonderful job if you don’t have a chandelier.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Decorated Christmas tree close up
Image Source: mehaniq41


New Year's and Christmas interior in pink color with a dresser, a wall mirror, gifts, candles
Image Source: Nichizhenova Elena

Christmas can’t be complete without a Christmas tree. There are several Christmas tree decoration ideas you can adopt for this year. You can make use of fresh flowers, tiny Christmas toys, umbrellas, glass ornaments, or different shapes of metal ornaments to give your tree a unique look.

Also, consider changing the tree’s color from green to something more exciting such as pink, white, gold, or black. Be sure that the color you choose for your Christmas tree matches the color of various aspects of your home, including walls, furniture, and curtains.

Stylish Christmas interior with an elegant sofa.
Image Source: romankosolapov

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

While there are countless ideas out there on how to decorate your home for Christmas, few home décor experts talk about outdoor Christmas decoration. Nonetheless, you should realize that Lights are the key to getting a great outdoor Christmas décor.

Consider using fairy lights to create a beautiful home, especially in the evening. Other outdoor decorative items you can use include stockings, Christmas balls, wreaths, flowers, and ribbons.

Christmas decorated porch with little trees and lanterns.
Image Source: 2mmedia

Feng Shui Christmas Decoration

There’s no better way to create a harmonious home for Christmas than by implementing Feng Shui decoration ideas. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to Feng Shui Christmas decoration, including color.

You should choose good Feng Shui colors for decorating your home. Namely, if it’s a cold season, you should adopt the energy and the colors of the Feng Shui Fire element. This means that you’ll have to invest in a good fireplace, lots of candles, bright Christmas lights, as well as fiery Gold and red Christmas tree décor.

Living room interior with Christmas tree and fireplace
Image Source: richman21

While it’s advisable to use Fire element colors, such as purple and red, to warm up your home’s energy in the cold season, you should try to uphold Fend Shui’s principle of balance. You don’t want to create an energy that stimulates burnouts and emotional outbursts by having an unbalanced Feng Shui element.

So, you should add a cooler color scheme, such as cool silver, gray, calm white, and soothing light blue in a bid to create a calming aura in your home and balance the strong Fire element of the holidays.

Stylish Christmas interior decorated in gray colors.
Image Source: romankosolapov

Final thoughts

Christmas is one of the happiest events that we celebrate every year. It is the reason we do our best to prepare our homes for welcoming this once-a-year special occasion. There are numerous trending Christmas decorations for both your home interior and outdoors. If you’re working with a limited budget, consider making some of the decorative items on your own instead of buying them. Most materials for making Christmas decorations are affordable and usually readily available at home.



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