35 Stunning Classic and Contemporary Grey Kitchens

35 Stunning Classic and Contemporary Grey Kitchens

Do you want a kitchen that will keep its elegance for years to come? You can’t really go wrong with grey kitchen.

Grey kitchens are arguably the best alternative to white kitchens. The soft charm of grey is effective in adding a cool touch to any interior. And its ability to make a kitchen look fresh and modern works perfectly for a vast variety of home designs.

Grey elements can transform a kitchen design, incorporating character, personality, and a timeless sophistication. The color wavers between soothing neutrality and a fascinating warmth. And hence the ability to deliver the best of both worlds.

Check out these stunning 35 kitchens to get inspired on how to create your own grey kitchen.

Striking yet muted in mid-grey-panelling, a strip of LED-lighting sits pretty above contrasting white peonies.
Image Source: DesignSpace London


A touch of difference to a white wall and light flooring, this grey hue keeps it fresh while storing books.
Image Source: Biografen


Wall-to-floor tiling embraces grey and white, as bauble lights join the party. Under-cabinet lighting draws the eye from the dining area.
Image Source: Armine Avetisyan


White and grey segment this wooden-floored space, a series of oblongs and squares. A teardrop mirror designates the bench.
Image Source: danielreutersward


Teal and charcoal combine in an artistic kitchen fit for a chef. Wide block shelving offers storage space, a living panel nature.
Image Source: Cristian Gentile


Concrete and wood battle it out in this industrial design. Spot and multi-level hanging lights frame one side, a cupboard-panel-as-art-piece the other.
Image Source: Snaidero


Small spaces can benefit from grey the most. This light-grey design only slightly contrasts with wooden panelling, while a minimal bench offers class in slate.
Image Source: Michael Temnikov


Corrugated plastic adds modernity to this kitchen, an unusual find with concrete benching. A slither of wood acts as a focal benchtop.
Image Source: Konstantin Kildinov


A workshop is evoked with this stencilled interior, complete with ladder. Shades of grey provide the eclectic while keeping the colour palette clean.
Image Source: LCGA Design &: Hey!Cheese


A marble splashback and bench win favour in this grey-framed kitchen. A simple wooden table keeps the space open.
Image Source: Cristina Modringa


Minus table, this charcoal-panelled kitchen holds no clutter. Ambient lighting under cabinetry keeps focus on the inlet.
Image Source: KYDE architects


Exuding warmth, this blue-grey kitchen meets brown in the most charming of ways. Three polished wooden stools are lit by copper-inner lights, while a concrete wall is lit brown down the hall.
Image Source: Robby Brymer


This steel-and-wood creation holds simple wooden shelving on matte walls and grey wooden floors.
Image Source: Cesar


Almost out of a picture book, this kitchen’s spiderweb chandelier, rounded ceiling, snaking extractor fan and windy bonzai add something of the spooky to mealtimes.
Image Source: Serhii Seinov


Grey need not be boring. This wood-encased design injects blue into the mix, with same-colour walling extending the space.
Image Source: Seth Powers


A set of five steel drop lights separate the dining area from the kitchen.
Image Source: Iqosa


An art piece on grey matte walls amidst hanging potted plants, an L-shaped bench and cobweb chandelier
Image Source: Pavel Alekseev


Textures reign king in this design marked by brushed concrete and wavering wood. An industrial tap hovers amidst a series of block grey and wood shapes.
Image Source: Elena Lapshina


This concrete-floored design features an oven in a wood block and a bench as a central table.
Image Source: Plus Form


This mostly-white design sits pretty against a dark charcoal wall with chrome cabinetry bottoms.
Image Source: Ngurah Arya


Only have a corner space? Make the most of it with sleek grey cabinetry and a copper inlet.
Image Source: Dimo Dimitrov


Create a grey and white kitchen by combining dark charcoal benches with white side cabinetry. Wind chime lighting can help designate the dining area.
Image Source: Phil Nicols


The little fixtures can be the heroes. Grey backgrounds a marble-grey benchtop, a series of plants and two idea lights.
Image Source: Scandinavian Homes


Frame an unusual scene with this glass-and-stencil border. Matte grey cabinetry adds elegance, wooden fixtures the natural.
Image Source: Nordes Design


Heighten a low space with shortened grey cabinetry. Placed on a grey strip of tiling, lining cabinet tops in black gives the illusion of height.
Image Source: Marco Podrini


Studio apartments are made for this charcoal-and-wood creation. A patterned grey-tiled inlet adds distraction without clutter.
Image Source: Elena Zhulikova


Grey and yellow kitchens are not for the faint-hearted. Muted charcoal and wood panels allow bright yellow to shine.


Teal kitchen bar stools and white features are greeted by a steel extractor fan.
Image Source: Vic Nguyen


Dark, mid- and light-grey oscillate in a range of shapes and sizes. Striped-wood cabinets and three filigree feature lights add artistic balance.
Image Source: SCIC


Grey and wood juxtapose nicely in this light, bright, and breezy interior. Grey adds enough difference to create a dreamy, not sleepy, design.
Image Source: Newick Architects


Grey plays in filigree stools and high-reaching cupboards in this kitchen of white accents.
Image Source: Anna Fedyukina


Charcoal and wood mix up cool and warm hues in this kitchen. Grey cabinetry extends the living room wall, allowing LED-lit wood to shine. A huge collection of indoor herb planters add in some luscious greenery to this kitchen.
Image Source: Bartosz Domiczek


Go for grey’s darker shades in a matching bench and cabinetry, overhung by a fascinating steel stencil feature.
Image Source: Dada Web


 This contemporary kitchen further lightens the space with white hanging lights and popping porcelain.
Image Source: Radoslav Rabota


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