35 Inspirational Modern Kitchen Island Designs

35 Inspirational Modern Kitchen Island Designs

Modern kitchen islands are not only fashionable, they are designed to be highly practical as well. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a modern kitchen island, you will be glad to know that you are getting the best of both worlds – practicality, and style.

And there is a wide selection of modern kitchen island designs to choose from. But if you don’t know what design to go for, we present you 35 spectacular modern kitchen island designs to get you inspired.

These kitchen island designs feature vibrant cut-throughs, open shelving, table extensions, fantastic geometric carving, and dynamic pendant lighting that are sure to give your kitchen a magical look and feel.

 The work surface of this white kitchen island is elevated away from the base units by a stripe of shelving.
Image Source: Kayan Design Studio & Identity Code


The dining bench clicks into place around a shelving unit that has only a minor amount of prep space on its narrow top – a surface perhaps more suitable for decorative items or floral displays like the one seen here.
Image Source: Vladislav Barabakh


A built-in planter distracts the eye from this solid immovable piece, and even makes it look like it was all part of the master plan. Dark rectangular seated bar stools help pull the entire ensemble together.
Image Source: Sergey Makhno & Julia Siriak


Stray from the straight and narrow like this sleek black kitchen island with seductive curves.
Image Source: BIG Design / Vancouver House


Alluring red lighting washes down a black tile backsplash. Red kitchen bar stools, which are the Magis Stool One, look hot at the side of an Origami style central island.
Image Source: Alexandry Shunyaev


Another futuristic design – though a gold faucet, matching planters and kitchen pendant lights give the decor scheme some classic finesse.
Image Source: Orange Graphics


Modern kitchen design
Image Source: Ono


White and yellow accent kitchens work in tasty harmony.
Image Source: Anton Li


A monochrome kitchen island.
Image Source: Poliform


Sloping silhouettes set the scene in this grey and white kitchen.
Image Source: Mitos


This smooth shiny kitchen island looks kinda like a plastic toy boat, with cotton reel bar stools.
Image Source: Denis Syrov


Cooking rings sit right in the countertop of this bizarre balancing act.
Image Source: Culimaat


Complement the coolest features. Whether the round kitchen island or the round skylight came first, we’ll never know.
Image Source: Berezen Studio


A fully-fledged prep surface set at comfortable standing height, complete with integrated white cooking rings
Image Source: Berezen Studio


A softly curved cooking island.
Image Source: HiMacs


This kitchen island with seating positively screams ‘family dinners’.
Image Source: Jones Britain


A central island can be the perfect solution to a lack of wall space.
Image Source: Charlotte Raynaud Studio


A concealed modern kitchen design
Image Source: SCIC


Modern white kitchen with a touch of orange
Image Source: Xin Xiansen


Gold means greatness, and this gold sided kitchen island under medallion shaped modern chandeliers sure does look great.
Image Source: Roy Vaes


White and wood kitchen
Image Source: Dark Room Studio


Sweeping away half of the base units makes more leg room for doubled up seating.
Image Source: K-Band


The Domitalia Bouchon Bar Stool looks at home in a rustic setting.
Image Source: Snaidero


A slender chimney extractor keeps the visual of this central island clean.
Image Source: Serj Fedin, Serj Kondratskyi & Yevhen Zahorodnii


 Open shelving facing the living area amalgamates the two zones. Plus, the wooden unit helps warm the plain white face of the island.
Image Source: Nick Martin


The gold bar stools and pendant lights in this kitchen also match with the floor treatment, creating one cohesive look of luxury
Image Source: Manege Render


Another open shelf kitchen design, this time working in cahoots with a kitchen island ceiling rack.
Image Source: Svoya Studio


Modern white kitchen with a marble backsplash
Image Source: Nicolas JOUSLIN


The slender legs on this design make it look like a movable kitchen island, but the wired-in electric hob and ceiling extractor tell us otherwise.
Image Source: Neiman


Black kitchen design
Image Source: Polyviz Studio


Exposed brick walls meet a concrete countertop in this loft style kitchen with central island.
Image Source: Iqosa


A pendant light adds elegance and shine over the dining end of this dual level countertop.
Image Source: Karwan Muhammed


A change in flooring gives this kitchen island its very own island to stand on.
Image Source: Mayan Zusman


Peachy bar stools make a juicy addition to a mint green kitchen island.
Image Source: Jonathan Coronado García


Use lighting strips to highlight and sharpen the edges of a simple design.
Image Source: Marcin Mierzyński


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