30 Refined, Elegant Modern White Kitchens for Your Inspiration

30 Refined, Elegant Modern White Kitchens for Your Inspiration

White kitchens are pure, neat, and stunning in any style. They radiate a light and airy aura. And they never go out of fashion.

If you are looking to have a white kitchen in your home, you might want to look at these 30 modern kitchen designs.

The modern white kitchens employ a variety of materials and textures to create classy looks for the homeowners. Adding a dash of color to walls, accessories, or to backsplashes has played a great role in creating awesome contrasts in some of the designs.

Other designs have paired their plain white look with wooden flooring. Have a look at the designs and get inspired on how to transform your kitchen from drab to fabulous.

This ultra modern white kitchen has a multi-level island and bar on painted concrete floors. The mini cabinets above the sink house glassware behind sliding doors.
Image Source: Kuchen


This kitchen is the centerpiece of this Rome apartment.
Image Source: Brainfactory


The tile backsplash in this kitchen mimics a brick wall. The vent is stainless as well as the countertop, making the workspace easy to clean. The unstained floors lends well with the understated Scandinavian look.
Image Source: Stadshem


White kitchen featuring clean lines, Italian marble, and a dark stained European Oak floor.
Image Source: Agushi


This white kitchen displays simplicity without the use of hardware.
Image Source: Kuchen


This step-down kitchen sits in a multi-level duplex in the Netherlands.
Image Source: Mamm Design


This white kitchen shares a space with the living area and adds a pop of grey with the contemporary circle back chairs
Image Source: Stanislav Borozdinskiy


This Bohemian kitchen features white cabinets with simple pewter bar hardware and ceramin countertops on light wood floors.
Image Source: Alex Dorokin


The white cabinets and backsplash in this have a gloss finish. The grey ceramic countertop breaks up the look, adding a touch of color.
Image Source: Alexey Merkushev


This kitchen is sleek with its wall of white gloss finish cabinets. Instead of using an island in the middle of the space, a white table extends off of the grey ceramic countertops providing extra space. They grey stained wood floors are also glossed over.
Image Source: Giuseppe Burgio


This grey and white kitchen utilizes marble on the island and backsplash. The flower kitchen pendant lamps provide decor and ambient lighting.
Image Source: Ihor Bednarchyk


The white crown molding makes the cabinetry blend right into the wall and make the already tall cabinets appear even taller. The island is surrounded in grey and white marble which is picked up again in the backsplash.
Image Source: Jeff Schlarb


This Barcelona kitchen uses the pure white as a background for the pop of color found in a color-block window and a few choice accessories.
Image Source: Euge & Seta


This simple white kitchen serves as a functional space and the perfect place to display the large elephant art on the far wall. Light beachwood cabinets, gloss finished concrete floors, and marble complete the décor.
Image Source: Hasankhani Tabriza


This kitchen took an eclectic turn with a variety of chairs around an unassuming four leg table. The high sheen square tile backsplash accents the white cabinets and light wood floors.
Image Source: ReFL Studio


This Scandinavian designed white kitchen features white tile backsplash that mimics the look of brick, with pale grey cabinet panels with white knob drawer pulls.
Image Source: AM Studio


This white ultra modern design with marble backsplash and light ash floors adds whimsicality with the 5 rock shaped drop lights.
Image Source: M3 Architecture


Space abounds with this kitchen in the absence of an island. White panel cabinets with space above for display adorn the right wall.
Image Source: Linee Studio


The large desk style island gives more workspace and can seat four. To the left a desk completes the room giving a space for doing bills or homework.
Image Source: Bask Interiors


This simple white kitchen uses the wood trim to define these sharp lines on these handle free cabinets.
Image Source: Ruth Welsby & Martina Gemmola


This kitchen consists of a simple wall of panel cabinets in white. The light wood from the floor tiles is picked up again in the upper cabinets.
Image Source: Zrobym


Stark white blankets this kitchen against the black accents of the appliances, barstools, and pendant lights. The barstools are from Patricia Urquiola.
Image Source: Inuti


Black dome lamps hang over the table which is an extension of the island in a contrasting dark wood.
Image Source: Erlind Llanaj


Handless kitchen cabinets create a seamless look, especially when glossed overe as these are in Malmo White Gloss.
Image Source: Kitchen Haus


This upscale modern loft with painted concrete houses panel kitchen cabinets. The marble from the living area serves as a backsplash of sorts.
Image Source: Destilat


Taking minimalism to the maximum, this simple galley kitchen in white has pine wood floors.
Image Source: Kuoo Architects


This kitchen has simple armless cabinets and a massive white island and box venthood. The sliding glass doors to the right allow in natural light.
Image Source: Paul M


This white kitchen mixes materials to make a perfect look. White cabinets, dark wood floors, and marble combine effortlessly.
Image Source: Myles Montgomery


White dominates this futuristic kitchen with geometric angles as the spotlight of the space with spots of black
Image Source: Rado Rick


A large grey pendant is used in this all white modern kitchen. Storage space is abundant, keeping this look fresh and clean with minimal clutter.
Image Source: Modom Studio


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